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Hi all!

I am just curious as to what you are reading. I am working on my list of “to-read” books. I hate scrolling through 50 eleven reviews on Amazon, so I thought I’d ask you. I am currently ready the squeal to Alex’s Girl , Lost Then Found by Teleth. I found Teleth on WordPress and fell in love with her work. She is on Wattpad too. I did not make it through Pride and Prejudice. It was just too slow and uninteresting to me. I will just watch the movie and call it a day. I am all for any other classic novel, though.

I have read all works by Harper Bliss. I am reading “The Other Mother” by Holly Sharp right now.

I have Queen Sugar on my list but am not sure when I want to read it since the show is so good. I am conflicted.


I want to read Stephen King’s The Gunslinger before the movie with Idris Elba comes out.

So, there is my little short term list. I obviously like erotica and romance. I also like action and horror too. What are YOU reading right now???

3 thoughts on “Reading List

  1. I just finished The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. It’s a memoir and was really good. The movie rights have been bought but no film yet. Looking forward to it whenever it does come out.

    Now I’m reading Tangled Vines by Frances Dinkelspiel, it’s a true crime story that happened where I live and it was my book club read and the author attended; so it’s extra interesting to me.

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