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Music Therapy

I wrote this about two months ago. Not sure how ‘poetic‘ it is but I guess you can be judge of that. The eye of the beholder and all that….

Music Therapy

Sitting alone in a room listening to Rock & Roll
I tap my foot
My pen taps my desk to the drum solo
Then, air drum sticks strategically finish the drum solo
I spin in my desk chair
My eyes skip over boxes, a mattress on the floor, and empty floor space
The music calms the lonely
F*ck it, I get up and rock out, hair and limbs flying
Cause sitting staring at paper won’t heal anything
This Rock & Roll might though
My guitar solo is epic
The audience of no one agrees
Pounding my head back and forth to drums and guitar will fend off the tears
Back to my guitar solo
I spin
The room seems a bit smaller when I jump around it
Not having to avoid anything
Three hours, two beers, and a tear soaked shirt later, I finally pass out on the lonely mattress
Who says music cannot be therapy
Sitting alone in a room listening to Rock & Roll

April is National Poetry Month

Beaumont Parenting Program

children's poetry book

In 1996, the Academy of American Poets created one of the largest literacy celebrations in the world: National Poetry Month. The yearly April celebration was started to increase awareness and appreciation of poetry in the United States. Schools, libraries and bookstores are wonderful places to get involved and join in the celebration.

What is poetry?

Poetry uses language effectively to evoke feelings. It can make us laugh or cry. Some poetry has form and is written in a specific style with rhyme and rhythm, while other poetry is spontaneous with no intentional form. Children’s poetry is written specifically for children but is appropriate for all ages.

Here are some types of poetry that you can enjoy reading with your child.

Nursery rhymes

Rhymes help children learn speech patterns and develop their oral language skills. They help develop foundational and fundamental skills to be a successful reader. It was proven that…

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