The Smith’s House | Afternoon

This Mya?” Mya is all of three feet away when she see’s CJ followed by a half-naked Monica exit from the restroom. Her heart stops. “I am right here”.

CJ quickly turns to the opposite direction. “Mya?”

“Mya?” Monica says confusingly turning to face her.

Amanda then exits the restroom too. “Amanda?” Says Vince from behind Mya. “What is going on here?”

“Yeah what exactly is going on here, CJ?” Asks Mya.

The three guilt ridden ladies look back and forth at each other for a moment. Mya and Vince just stare at them, like they are in a duel off, waiting for someone to shoot first.

Shit.” Monica is the first to answer with the absolute wrong response while buttoning her shirt.

“So this is what you have been doing while I have been frantically worried about you?” Mya’s eyes begin to tear up.

“This is your Mya?” Monica asks.

CJ  makes a wide circle pointing motion with her open palm towards Monica. “No, no, no, this has nothing to do with me.” She walks over and reaches for Mya’s hand. Mya pulls away.

“I jumped on a red-eye flight to come see you,” Mya’s says. “I’m so stupid.”

Monica chimes in, “this is just a big misunderstanding, girl.”

Vince walks past the women to his wife. “Amanda we should give them a moment. We have nothing to do with this.”

“Yes, a misunderstanding,” CJ reiterates, “Can we go talk alone?”

“Hold on, Vince, this does have something to do with me.” Amanda interjects as she grabs Monica’s hand.

“Who are you?” Mya and Vince asks at the same time perplexed by Monica’s existence.

Monica,” Amanda responds.

“OK, everyone hold on,” CJ commands loudly. She speaks directly to Mya. “Listen, Monica is just my best friend. That’s all. Amanda works at the hospital with me. Phones do not have a signal in the house. That is why I did not get your calls earlier. And I am guessing why you did not get my calls a few minutes ago. Wait, what are you doing here?”

“You thought CJ and I?” Monica laughs. “Oh God no. It is good to finally meet you though Mya. I have heard a lot.” She reaches to shake Mya’s hand with her free hand. CJ shoots her an annoyed look, which she knows means ‘not now, Mya’. She retracts her hand and stands still.

“Vince is my new boss” Mya responds then turns to Monica. “If you and CJ were not…then why were you half-naked in the bathroom?”

CJ opens her mouth to speak then closes her mouth and looks at Amanda with an accusatory stare. Monica remains quiet and still. Amanda finally responds. “She was…with me.”

“What?” Vince ask.

“Vince, we need to talk.” Amanda responds.

CJ softly caresses Mya’s face. “So do we.”

The Study | 1:15 PM

CJ pulls Mya into the study and closes the door behind them. “Come here,” she cautiously pulls Mya into a hug and holds her. A long deep exhale escapes her. “I am so happy to see you”.

Mya squeezes back, finally giving in to the embrace. “Man, you are a hard woman to track down.” They both giggle. When they release their embrace, they stare longingly into each other’s eyes, as if all of their answers dwell there. “So, about last night…,” Mya says first.

“I don’t even know where to begin, sweetie,” CJ says.

“You can begin with abruptly hanging up on me then not returning my calls until, what, this morning.”

“Ok then,” CJ says as she nervously shuffles over to the enormous book shelf. “It was Amanda at my door. It obviously caught me off guard.”

Mya smirks, “really?
“Well, she had some things she needed to talk to someone about.”

“She chose that someone to be you? At midnight? At your home?” Mya corners CJ at the bookshelf firmly piercing into her eyes. CJ never noticed before how intimidating and intense those eyes were when they were not being sexy.

“Well, yes. She wants to come out, I guess. She had a lot of questions. She is a very aggressive woman. She damn near barged in.” CJ’s eyes dart over to the extensive row of books on the shelf.

Mya raises an eyebrow. “The kind of aggressive woman that you like?”

“She is definitely NOT my type. She came to me for help. What was I supposed to do? We ended up talking for a while. Then it got late and I fell asleep as soon as she left.” Her gaze returns to Mya’s. “I really did not mean to leave you hanging. I am sorry. Like I said she just caught me by surprise and I was so annoyed.”

“Uh huh,” is all Mya says as she inches closer to CJ. “Is that all that happened?”

“Oh my God, yes.” CJ grabs both of Mya’s arms and with extreme seriousness then reiterates, “that is absolutely all that happened, sweetie.”

“Good!” Mya exclaims, finally flashing that Chandler smile.

CJ’s heart nearly melts. All of her worries of the day, Monica and Amanda’s drama, all fall off. All she is concerned with now is Mya. All she wants is Mya. The only person’s life that matters to her now, is Mya’s. “God, I have missed that smile. Come here.” CJ kisses Mya passionately, proving that her absence was severely missed.

Mya easily slips into the passionate embrace. Her arms wrap around CJ’s neck as she pushes her back against the bookshelf. CJ’s lips taste like their future, kissing away all doubts and fears. She quickly forgets about last night, the red-eye flight, and today’s ‘misunderstanding’.  CJ’s squeezes Mya’s bottom and sucks on her neck. Mya has a mischievous grin on her face when she pulls away. Her hands find their way down to CJ’s jeans and quickly unbuttons and unzips them.

“Wha -,” CJ tries to get out but Mya places her left index finger on her lips.
“Shhh, just relax,” Mya interrupts then proceeds to dive her right hand into the open jeans. That fiery mischievous look in Mya’s eyes turns CJ on as she obediently remains silent. Mya’s hand slides underneath CJ’s boy shorts into her bunch of hair. CJ parts her lips slightly in surprise of Mya’s spontaneousness. She then sucks Mya’s fingertip into her mouth and runs circles with her tongue. Mya, in turn, runs circles with her finger around CJ’s clit. Mya replaces her finger with her tongue, kissing CJ deeply. She strokes CJ’s clit madly as her own passion is released, soaking her own panties. Engulfed in each other’s pleasure the women swirl in their own world, oblivious to the outside world. Mya’s efforts finally pay off because CJ begins to shake, nearing her big finish. Mya’s mouth catches CJ’s moans as she finishes.

“Damn,” CJ responds after she catches her breath.

“Yeah, I missed you too,” Mya responds.

“Go out with me,” CJ demands more so than asks.

Mya flashes a flirtatious smile. “Like on a date?”

CJ pulls Mya close and holds her in her arms. “Yes, will you go out on a date with me? We have not really gone out on a real date, yet.”

“Why, miss James, are you trying to get all romantic on me?”

“Seriously.” CJ responds, sincerely, as she squeezes tighter. “I want to do this…with you…the right way.”

Mya actually blushes to CJ’s surprise. “Really? What do you have in mind?”

“Go out with me tonight. We will do it right. Dinner and a movie or whatever you want to do.”

“The Museum,” Mya responds.


Mya explains, “there is this exhibit that I have been wanting to see at the High Museum.”

CJ smiles wide and bright. “Great, the museum it is then.”

“Okay, let me go get checked in to my hotel and changed. Say couple hours?”

“Perfect,” CJ responds. “Gives me time to deal with this mess. Amanda and Monica! I still can’t believe it.”

“Yeah, I know, gross.”

“That’s exactly what I said,” CJ responds and they both laugh.

“Feels like shit is hitting the fan, so I am going to get out of here real quick,” Mya responds as she heads towards the door.

“Let me check and see if the coast is clear before you go.”

CJ cracks the door open to the study and dips her head out, looking from left to right then left again. “It’s clear.”

Mya quickly darts down the hallway, looking back to gleefully iterate, “can’t wait until our date,” then flashing that infamous smile.

“Me too,” CJ calls out before Mya disappears around a corner.

The Dining Room | 1:47 PM

CJ stumbles into the dining room to find Monica casually sitting at the table eating. She sits in the chair across from her friend. Monica finishes the fruit on her plate of assorted breakfast foods before looking up and speaking to CJ. “So, that is Mya. Cute.”

“So, that is how you do now? Break up marriages?”

“Don’t act holier than thou. Don’t act like you don’t know about her either.”

“I’m not talking about her, I’m talking about you.” CJ rubs her temples in frustration. “Now, you sit here just chillin’ eating their food. What were you thinking?”

Monica only laughs. “Thinking? Not everyone analyzes every single thing like you do, CJ. Some people just do things because they feel good. Because they simply want to. Get caught up in the moment, ya know, like having sex with a random women that you just met.”

CJ is not sure what annoys her most, Monica’s smug smirk or the fact that she is right. “Touche.” All CJ can do is simply smile back at her remarkably bold bestie. “You gonna tell me what happened or what?”

“Amanda flat out told him she likes women. Just like that.”

“Just like that?”

“Yep,” Monica confirms, “and then he was like I see but you had to do this here in my house, blah blah blah, and then they went upstairs to argue some more, I assume.”

“Uh huh, and you gave in to your appetite?”

“She said she would be right back and you were gone. A girl’s gotta eat. No matter what.” Monica smiles causing CJ to laugh.

“Yeah, a girl’s gotta eat.” CJ grabs a biscuit off of Monica’s plate.

“Where is Mya?”

“She went to get a room and to get ready for our first real date tonight,” CJ responds proudly.

“Well, well, well, look at you being all official. Good for you, bestie.”

“Yeah, I am excited. And nervous. But mostly excited.”

“That makes two of us,” Amanda says flamboyantly bursting into the room. “Excited, that is.” She sits uncomfortably close next to Monica.

“It went well then?” Monica ask.

“As well as it could have. We can talk all about it in the pool. Come on, he’s leaving indefinitely.” Amanda suggests with a wink.

Monica has this elation on her face, this flirtatious look that CJ automatically recognizes.

“Well, on that note, I’m gonna blow this joint.” CJ quickly says as she gets up to leave. “Later, bestie. Call me if you need me.”
Amanda quickly responds, “no worries, she is in very good hands.”

Monica giggles, “later girl”.

The High Museum | 3:27 PM

As they walk into the High Museum, Mya’s eyes are filled with excitement. CJ lets Mya enthusiastically drag her by the hand to the first exhibit. Mya seems to be in pure bliss as she studies each painting. CJ observantly watches Mya’s every move, committing to memory every smile, every animated expression, and every boisterous mannerism.

“What?” Mya ask while noticing CJ stare at her.

“What, what,” CJ responds teasingly.

Mya nudges her, “why are you looking at me like that?”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know,” Mya pulls CJ close, “with this weird look in your eyes.”

CJ wraps her arms around Mya’s waist. “Maybe I like what I see.”

“Uh huh,” Mya wraps her arms around CJ’s neck. “What do you like?”

“Seeing you like this. I can tell that you are really enjoying this. Like you are in your element here.”

“I am,” Mya blushes, for the second time that day. “You know I minored in Art History. Would have majored if I thought I could make any money but I knew I could not go wrong with Business. So I got my MBA instead.”

“I didn’t know that. Look at you, an artsy business woman.” They both laugh.

Mya slowly moves in close enough to kiss CJ. CJ readies herself for Mya’s sweet lips but just then Mya pauses. “We HAVE to see the work upstairs.” She quickly pulls away from CJ, turns, and heads for the stairs. “Come on,” she flashes that infamous smile. CJ follows trying to catch up to her blissful date.

On the second floor, she finds Mya staring at a piece with abstract black and white lines. CJ approaches from behind, slowly wrapping her arms around Mya’s waist, getting real close. She inhales the fruity fragrance at the nook of Mya’s neck and shoulder committing the scent to memory. Mya leans her head over, allowing CJ full access. She wraps her arms around CJ’s arms. “This is my favorite,” Mya admits.

“Uh huh.” The only piece of work CJ is focused on is Mya’s body. Just as she is about to place her third kiss on the scent filled nook, Mya pulls away and walks toward the next painting. CJ follows like a little puppy. CJ grabs Mya’s hand and kisses it gently before interlacing their fingers. They admire that piece for a minute then Mya guides them to the next piece. This time CJ releases their grip and casually strolls by to the next piece of art. Mya soon misses her company so she catches up to CJ, who only moves on to the next piece of art. Mya catches CJ’s eyes, finally, and looks her up and down, giving off this “I want you” look. CJ counters by biting her bottom lip. Mya does a head node, saying come here. CJ slowly licks her lips then motions for Mya to come here with a finger. Mya slowly approaches. Mya runs her hand across CJ’s flat stomach as she walks by. She slows at the next piece, glancing behind her only to notice CJ looking at her back side. CJ slowly strolls up real close to Mya. Their eyes remain locked. CJ, with her hands behind her back, leans in and softly whispers into Mya’s ear, “have you had enough yet?”

“This exhibit, yes.” Mya looks CJ straight in her eyes. “I am just getting started with you.” She winks.

CJ gives a mischievous smile. “Let’s get out of here.”

“What about going on an official date and doing it right,” Mya teases with air quotes.

“I think we dated enough for one day. We came, we saw, now we are leaving.” CJ grabs Mya’s hand.

“Don’t dates include food?”

“We can order in. What are you in the mood for?” CJ begins walking towards the door, pulling Mya.

“Wow you really want to get me home, huh? I can’t even get a meal.” Mya stops and folds her arms. She boastfully flashes that Chandler smile.

CJ suddenly kisses Mya, softly at first and then deep and passionate. She releases only to say, “how about Chinese?”

Mya’s eyes are still closed when she replies, “Chinese sounds perfect.”

CJ’s Condo | 8:23 PM

“Wow,” Mya says out of breath as she flops down on the bed. “Those last two hours were definitely worth me pushing back my flight. What is that thing you do with your fingers and tongue at the same time?”

CJ sits beside her. “Yes, thank you Delta. I hate that you have to go back so soon, though.” CJ passes her a glass of water. “If you stay I can demonstrate that move a few more times.”

“Honestly, babe, I don’t even think I have one more time, let alone a few more times left in me.” She passes the glass back. “That was amazing. Well worth half a date.”

“It was not half a date,” CJ teasingly tickles Mya.

Through her giggles, she confesses, “I have no energy left, I can’t take tickling right now.”

“Then admit it,” CJ mounts Mya. “You got your exhibit at the Museum and some very tasty Chinese food. Granted, it was take out. Still counts.”

“Okay, okay,” Mya gives in. “AND don’t forget about the kicker –  great sex!”

“Oh, no can’t forget about the deliciously,” CJ leans in and pecks Mya on the lips. “The delectable,” then another soft kiss. “Devine sex.” CJ glares into Mya’s pretty eyes.

Mya melts. “I hate that I have to leave you in the morning.” A sadness swiftly overcomes her.

“Yeah me too.”

“I will be back soon though.” Mya pulls CJ close and holds her.

“We still have tonight.” CJ holds Mya tightly, as if it is the last time they will embrace.

CJ soon falls asleep in Mya’s arms. I cannot believe that I am actually happy, Mya thinks as she watches CJ sleep. This is a feeling of bliss that she forgot she missed. It is possible to have it again, she convinces herself as she decides to concede to the affection and caring she feels for CJ. It IS ok to love again. And that is exactly what she feels for CJ – love. Mya falls asleep holding CJ snuggly to her bosom.

CJ’s Condo | 6:13 AM

CJ’s bladder abruptly wakes her out of her sleep. She turns over and realizes she is alone. Not again, she thinks. She looks on the nightstand. No note this time. She stumbles to the bathroom, where the note waits on the counter.

          Babe, didn’t want to wake you. You were sleeping so peacefully.

          Had to catch my flight. Will probably be home by the time you wake.

          Thank you for a great ‘date’. Call me later.

                    – Mya

CJ doesn’t even remember falling asleep, only talking and holding Mya. After she relieves herself, she quickly calls Mya to see if she is home yet. It picks up after three rings. “Hey, sweetie, you make it home yet?”

“Hello,” a foreign voice says.

CJ looks at her phone to make sure she called the right person. It does say Mya. Half asleep and confused, CJ asks, “who is this?”

“Mya isn’t available right now.”

“Ooookay, who is this,” CJ reiterates.

“This is her girlfriend. I’ll tell her you called.”

“Um ok.”

“Alright, bye.” Click.

CJ’s whole world was just rocked. She glances in disbelief from the phone screen with Mya’s picture to the note that Mya just left. Girlfriend?

To be continued…


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