The Story of CJ & Mya

Episode 3

CJ’s Condo | 12:33 AM

“Your boss is at your door?” Mya responds with confusion from the other end of the phone. Oh shit, is all CJ can think at this moment. What is she doing here? “Hello, babe? Is everything ok?” Mya shouts.

Wait, how does she know where I live…is she is stalking me, CJ tries to figure out. CJ is finally snapped back to reality. “Oh, no one, sweetie,” CJ finally gets out. “Let me call you back.” She quickly presses End on her phone.

Amanda rings the doorbell again. Really, CJ thinks to herself. CJ finally opens the door and stands still in the middle of the doorway stuck in disbelief and shock.

“I don’t like ‘no’,” Amanda proclaims instantly. Her elegant gown is covered with a short black and white fur.

“What-are-you-doing-here?” CJ is quickly angered by Amanda’s continuing smugness.

Amanda gestures with her head towards the inside of the condo. “May I?”

“What?” CJ crosses her arms defiantly as she remains firmly in the middle of her doorway. “Again, what the hell are you doing here, Amanda? How do you even know where I live?”

“I said I do not like being told no,” Amanda declares boldly. “ Please, CJ, finding your address was child’s play. Don’t be dramatic. Are we going to do this out here in your hallway or go inside?”

“You have the audacity to show up at my home in the middle of the night, demand to come inside to have a discussion that I refused to have with you earlier all because you cannot accept ‘no’, but I am the one being dramatic?”

Amanda simply raises an eyebrow. “Are your neighbors nosy? I hope not, because they are about to get an earful.”

CJ grits her teeth. “Please, come in,” she responds sarcastically and moves to the side allowing Amanda to enter.

CJ’s phone continuously vibrates. It’s Mya calling back after being hung up on so abruptly. CJ ignores it. She can only deal with one woman at a time. Funny, this time 48 hours ago she had no women, now she has two. No, one and an apparent stalker. If CJ weren’t so annoyed she would be flattered.

“I don’t want to sleep with you,” CJ begins promptly after closing her front door, “so get over yourself and save us both some time and energy.”

“Wow,” Amanda genuinely seems surprised. “Am I that horrible? You won’t even consider…” Her amused smirk is back. “Give me a chance to seduce you at least.”

“Take your chance and shove…”

“OK, OK, I am sorry.” Amanda interrupts. “Can we just talk?”

CJ gives an exaggerated exhale then rolls her eyes.

Amanda’s voice lowers to a more soothing tone as she walks over to the couch. “Please, come have a seat,” she pleads. Her eyes soften. She holds her hands up as if surrendering. “No more advances, I promise.”

CJ simply raises a questionable eyebrow.

“I promise. I only want to talk. Ten minutes.”

“You can talk from there. Or from your phone from your house.” CJ snips.

Amanda’s eyes soften as she sits at one end of CJ’s plush cobalt couch.

“Ten minutes, not a second longer,” CJ concedes as she cautiously moves towards the couch, keeping her eyes on Amanda as if she is a wild animal who may attack at any minute. She sits down slowly, over exaggerating every movement.

“Thank you, CJ,” Amanda smiles warm. Her aggressiveness as well as her perfect posture slowly dissolve into the cozy couch. Her big brown eyes dim into meager harmless slits. CJ’s defenses are immediately lowered at the decompression of the all mighty Amanda Smith. Now, she is just a normal woman sitting on CJ’s normal couch.

“What do you want to talk about?”

Amanda looks down at her hands in her lap, “I know that I come on a little strong. It’s the only way I know how to deal with this.”

“What is ‘this’,” CJ ask.

“Attraction to women,” Amanda shifts uncomfortably in her seat avoiding eye contact with CJ. “My plan was to just throw myself at you so I can finally experience…”

CJ sees the vulnerability on her face and almost feels bad because Amanda does not know how to deal with her new found feelings. Is this her way of trying to come out? The light bulb comes on for CJ. “Oh, you want to have your first female experience. With me? I see.”

Amanda finally looks CJ in the eye and nodes yes.

“So, you thought that throwing yourself at me would make me automatically just, what, do you? Just like that?” CJ’s short lived feeling of sympathy is overridden by feeling insulted.

“Well…,” is the only response Amanda has.

CJ gives a hardy sarcastic laugh. “Wow, so just because I am a lesbian I am supposed to just want you? Even after you are completely rude to my best friend? Oh, not to mention your husband.” CJ is clearly angry at this point. “What makes you think I am even attracted to you? Or do us lesbians just fuck anything with a pussy and two legs? Do tell? Damn, you couldn’t even take me out on a date first? At least feed me before you try to get in my panties.”

“You know that you are really dramatic?” Amanda follows with a soft laugh as she attempts to lighten the mood.

“Really? How would you feel if some guy just walked up to you and said that he wants you to give him head just because you are a woman? I am not being dramatic, I am insulted. EXTREMELY insulted.”

“I am sorry, CJ,” Amanda says apologetically. Her demeanor still small on the couch. “I did not mean it like that. I only meant, that if I were to do it, I would like for it to be with you. You are very attractive. Like I said, I don’t know how to be subtle and it’s been years since I dated anyone. I go all in for what I want. I did not intend to insult you. Please believe me.”Amanda looks up from her long brown eyelashes at CJ, searching for some sympathy.

CJ recalls her earlier years being new to ‘the life’ and not know what to do. She was way too shy to hit on women so she followed them around like a lost puppy. She remembers how awkward it was and begins to feel empathetic towards Amanda. How can she just turn her away. This grown woman who is sitting on her couch, reduced to damn near begging.

“Alright, it’s ok. I have been where you are. You just went about it the wrong way.”
“Okay, so show me the right way.” Amanda responds, her voice still small. “Please.”

CJ almost feels bad for the woman. “Amanda, it is not that easy. Plus, you have a husband. I feel like you should be having this conversation with him, not me.”

“Don’t worry about him. We have had an empty, loveless marriage for years now. He has his women and I have had my men. Now, I want women.” Amanda responds.

“Oh, wow,” CJ says. “I still don’t know what you want me to do. Sorry but you aren’t my type.” CJ finally a cracks a smile.

Feeling relieved, Amanda smiles back. “Have any single friends?”

CJ gives Amanda some “coming out” advice.She tells the newby some places to hang out and websites to cruise. Amanda invites CJ and Monica to her house for drinks and more interrogating. Like she mentioned before, her husband is always working. The two women talk for a couple more hours before Amanda heads home and CJ falls asleep immediately.

CJ’s Condo | 10:47 AM

Heavy knocks on the front door wake CJ abruptly. That damned front door is really annoying, she thinks as she saunters across her living room. After looking through the peephole, she simply opens the door then heads towards her kitchen.

“Good morning to you too, sunshine!” Monica says as she struts inside.

CJ yawns then murmurs an “uh huh” followed by a dry “hey”.

“Ugh, what’s wrong with you girl? Why are you so tired? I feel like we left the gala super early last night. Up late on the phone with the new boo?”

CJ recalls last night…coming out conversation with Amanda…stupid banging at door…hanging up on Mya. “Oh shit, Mya!” She immediately realizes that she never called Mya back. Mya must have called CJ’s phone a dozen times by now. Then, she realizes that she does not even know where her phone is. “Where is my phone?” CJ asks rhetorically as she frantically searches for her the mobile device.

“What the hell, CJ, you lost your phone? In your own house? Who does that?”  Monica responds with a condescending tone.

“Just call it, please.”

After a few seconds there was still silence, “straight to voice mail, must be dead,” says Monica.

“Awe man, Mya is going to kill me,” says CJ. She looks on and under the couch, the kitchen table and the TV stand. Finally, Monica found it on the book shelf near the front door.

CJ plugs the charger in and powers on the phone. “Oh shit, twenty-three missed calls, five voice mails, and seven text messages.” CJ is almost afraid to check any of the messages.

“Just what happened last night? Don’t tell me you were with another random chick?” Monica says only half joking.

“No, well yes kind of, but not like that.” CJ is now all flustered as she finally reads the text messages.

Monica only laughs as she pats her friend on the back. “What have you gotten yourself into, girl? What were doing to miss twenty-three calls?”

“Amanda ended up coming over at like midnight while I was on the phone with Mya. I did not call her back.” CJ begins to read through the text messages.

“Whoa, you and the obnoxious boss-lady have something going on now? You making a habit of this, Romeo?”

“No, it’s not like that. We only talked. Mya text ‘are you ok’ and ‘should I call the police’. She was really worried about me.”

“Awe, how sweet. Should I worry about what she will do to you when she finds out that you are sleeping with Amanda?”

“I told you it’s not like that. Shh I’m listening to the voice mails.”

After a minute, Monica asks, “so, what did she say?”

“Mostly questions – ‘what is going on’ and ‘why aren’t you calling me back’.” A surprised look is painted on CJ’s face. “And she is on the way to Atlanta now. Right now.” CJ and Monica look at each other, both surprised both say together. “Oh shit.”

“You should probably call her back asap.” Monica suggests.

CJ goes to her bedroom and tries calling Mya. It goes straight to voice mail. She left a brief message asking for a call back as soon as possible. She returns to the kitchen with Monica. “No answer.”

“So what exactly did happen with Amanda?” Mya asks.

“Girl, let me tell you…”

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International  Airport | 11:27 AM

As soon as Mya gets off of the plain she turns her phone back on. There is one new voice mail from CJ. She quickly listens to the message: “Hey, Mya, I am so sorry about last night. Everything is fine. Please don’t worry. Call me back asap.” She calls CJ back but there is no answer, once again. Mya is relieved that everything is okay but mad that she simply cannot get CJ on the phone. She will simply have to go to CJ’s place to settle her mind. In the cab, she decides to call her new boss.

“Hello, Vince, how are you?”

“Hello, Miss Chandler. I am fine. To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“I made an impromptu trip back to Atlanta just to wrap up some things. I am very enthusiastic about starting in a couple of weeks. I hoped that we could get together while I am here. I feel like we got off to a bad start.”

“I totally agree, Miss Chandler. I would like to get to know you better. After all, we will be working closely together. Tell you what, come by my house for brunch. Let’s say, 1pm.”

“That sounds great,” Mya is completely surprised by the invitation.

“I’ll text you the address. See you then.”

“Great, see you later.”

CJ’s Condo | 12:03 PM

Something good might come from this trip, Mya thinks. She has to get on Vince’s good side. If not for work then for herself. She is a total kiss ass. She still cannot believe that she sporadically jumped on a plan and came back to Atlanta. And all for what? A woman. Mya has definitely changed. She put love on the back burner and has been semi obsessed with work and work only. Now there is CJ. Her CJ; her infatuation; her future. Her reason for flying hundreds of miles on a red eye flight basically on a whim. She gets to CJ’s condo and bangs on the wooden door. There is no answer. Three more minutes of banging, two calls, and one very passive aggressive text message later and there is still no word from CJ. Mya is torn between feeling angry for putting herself out there and being angry at CJ. She decides to simply give up. That’s it, I’m done. CJ will have to come to me from now on, she decides and heads to Vince’s house.

The Smith’s House | 12:05 PM

Amanda opens the front door very enthusiastically. “Hello, hello, hello. Welcome ladies!” CJ and Monica cautiously enter the huge house. Amanda’s uncharacteristically happy side shocks to them both.

“Hi,” they both say.

“I am so happy that you decided to come.”

“Yeah, we can tell,” Monica says under her breathe.

“Monica,” Amanda lightly grabs her hands and holds them in her own. “I owe you an apology for my behavior last night. I am terribly sorry.” She then pulls her in for an awkward hug.

Monica pulls back slowly. “Um, ok, no problem. Just don’t ever hug me again.” Amanda assumes the young lady is joking and laughs. “CJ, what did you two do last night? Wait, never mind I don’t want to know!”

“Amanda was just finally able to get some things off her chest. When you are finally able to be true to yourself, it’s like a burden lifted.. She is just happy to be free.” CJ responds.

“Uh huh, sure,” Monica’s skepticism is written all over her face.

“It’s true, but enough of that. Brunch will be ready shortly. In the meantime, let me show you around. You are going to love the pool.” Amanda leads the two women through her house

The Smith’s House | 12:47 PM

Mya tries to calm her nerves as she waits at the front door. After a moment the maid returns to escort her to the dining room. There is a lavish spread of food on a long table; croissants, fruit, muffins, eggs, breakfast meats; pancakes, and potatoes. A moment later, Vince joins her. “Welcome Miss Chandler. Please, have a seat anywhere.” He then takes a seat next to her. “Dig in.”

“Thank you for inviting me to your home, Vince, it is amazing.”

“You are quite welcome,” Vince smiles at her for the very first time since they met. “Thank you. It is my wife’s pride and joy. I couldn’t care less about wall colors and drapes and feng shui. You know how us guys are. I have my sanctuary in my cigar room. That is all I need.”

“I am an amateur cigar collector, myself. I’d love to see your man cave.”

“That’s what the kids are calling it nowadays. Sounds silly. We can check out my ‘man-cave’ after brunch.” Vince responds with air quotes.

Mya laughs. “Yes, I guess it does. Will your wife be joining us? I would love to meet her.”

“She has guest right now as well, so I am not sure if she will be joining us. I will hunt her down later. Eat up so we can escape to the cave.” Mya laughs as she is surprised by Vince’s sense of humor. Or the fact that he has one. She only has a bite of pancakes, her favorite, and then they are off to Vince’s cigar room.

The Smith’s Backyard Poolside | 1:03 PM

Amanda was right about the pool, it is amazing. One end is wide and deep and runs down to the more shallow end which is covered by a cave type structure. The floor is lined with rocks that climb the walls of the cave. The water is beautiful blue, sparkling and clear. There is a short slide at the deep end and plenty of pool toys, including rafts and inflated animals.  Just as they all settle on chairs alongside the pool, CJ’s phone beeps with new messages. CJ quickly pulls out her phone. There is a new voice mail and a text message from Mya. Amanda knocks herself on the head and says. “Oh, did I forget to mention there is no cell phone coverage in the house. You have to come outside or to a back corner of the kitchen to get a decent signal.”

“Really Amanda, you are killing me. I have been waiting for a call from Mya all morning. I have to call her back now.” CJ responds angrily.

“Wow, epic fail Amanda,” Monica adds rolling her eyes.

“I am sorry, really. I just got excited about you two being here…”

“Shh, just give me a minute,” CJ snaps, interrupting Amanda.

“Well excuse me,” Amanda says, “Monica let’s see if brunch is ready. Come.” She leads them inside.

Monica follows and checks out Amanda’s perfectly round back side as she does. “So, why are you so excited for us being here? Or are you just excited for CJ being here?” She asks as they enter the back of the house.

“I am excited to see both of you.” Amanda responds with a genuine smile.

Monica realizes that she never noticed Amanda’s pretty brown eyes before. Her long, fake, eyelashes accent them well. For a moment she does not feel this usual deep, immense hatred and suspicion for her. Only strong dislike and suspicion. “Really? Because you weren’t too excited about seeing me last night.”

Amanda moves closer to Monica, looking her dead in the eyes. “I know and I apologized for that. I was just in an awkward place last night. CJ helped me clear it up though.”

“Oh really? She helped you ‘clear it up’? You better not be playing games with CJ. She does not need your oh-now-after-15 years-of-marriage-i want-a-girlfriend confused bs right now. She found someone special and is happy. You better not mess with my friend!” Monica is heated and now in Amanda’s face. Surprisingly, Monica’s fierceness is a turn on for Amanda.

“You are right. CJ deserves someone special. I was actually just jealous of you. At first.” Amanda confesses.

“At first? Now you are over it?”

“Absolutely, I have different feelings towards you right now.” She tilts her head piercing at Monica devilishly then asks, “are you single?”

CJ is so upset that she keeps missing Mya. She called Mya back seven times but it went straight to voice mail. Could she still be at the airport? Maybe at a hotel but her phone is dead? Stuck in traffic? Her concern turns to nervous anxiety about Mya’s wellbeing. Is this what she went through last night when she could not reach me, CJ wonders. Karma is a bitch!

CJ notices that it has been a while since Amanda and Monica left so she decides to go look for them inside. She looks in the kitchen – no sign. Family room – nope. Study – nada. She hears noises then tracks voices to the hallway restroom. She quickly slings the door open. She is silenced. What she sees is so shocking that she literally cannot speak. Monica is holstered up on the counter top. Her top is off. Her head is flung back. Her shirt wide open. Amanda positioned between her legs and sucking on the right nipple

“Oh goodness, CJ, close the door,” Amanda commands. “Thought you were him.”

The two are slow to stop once they realize who interrupted them. They share a passionate kiss on the lips before addressing CJ, who is still in shock. “Look, don’t freak out CJ,” Monica says.

“I um, am not freaked out. I don’t think so. Grossed out maybe.” CJ responds.

“See, told you that you are dramatic, CJ.” Amanda responds as she wipes the remaining lipstick from her lips with some tissue.

“Gross? Really CJ?” Monica says.

“Yeah, no, not like that. I mean seeing the two of you together. I thought you two hated each other.” CJ points back and forth between the two.  “Anyway, whatever, I have my own shit to worry about. I have to find Mya. Don’t let me stop you.” CJ opens the bathroom door and escapes the love den. Monica is buttoning up her shirt as she follows CJ out of the restroom. “Wait, what happened with Mya,” she shouts.

This Mya?” Mya is all of three feet away when she sees CJ followed by a half naked Monica exit from the restroom. Her heart stops. “I am right here”.

CJ quickly turns to the opposite direction. “Mya?”

To be continued…