Random blog post on Batman VS Superman Movie

My take on the Batman VS Superman Movie From The Post Dom’s Batman v Superman: why so serious?

Ok, I finally saw it and am excited to talk about it. I agree the flashbacks were kinda forced. I get it that they had to make the connection between the Martha’s…Batman’s weird dreams were completely unnecessary. Fight scenes were cool. Wonder Woman’s parts (pre-fight) were a little awkward but I get it. They had to create a link to her and then make her care enough to fight with them.

Now, on to my issues. Ever sine I heard about this movie, I thought “hmmm Superman is, well, super and indestructible by any mere man. Batman is just that, a man. There is no way Batman can beat Superman. Period” I was completely proven wrong. Batman whipped his ass and really COULD have killed him. That beast was beating his ass. He let Lex punk him. I was totally disappointed in Superman. I feel like Batman was a jealous, sensitive, cry baby. He did not think twice or even try to investigate the accusations around Superman before deciding he wanted to bulk up and be Super Bat on Kryptonite.

Overall, I feel like the movie was a bit unnecessarily long but not bad. I am not a die hard comics/dc/marvel fan. I am just a fan of movies. Oh, and of Superman, obviously, and of Christian Bale Batman. Not so much Ben. He was alright. Ok, he was pretty good. I am just still hurt that Christian Bale was not Batman. I think he has been the BEST batman so far. I am excited about Wonder Woman. I think it was a good introduction for her. She was pretty kick ass. Without her they would not have been able to win.

Oh and Lois Lane…don’t get me started. I just wanted her to sit down somewhere and chill. She is kinda to blame for it all lol Since when does the Daily Planet send reporters to Africa?!? I’m just saying…

So, that’s my two cents lol


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