Blog Post#2

So, folks, I have decided to try writing horror. It is probably my favorite movie genre. I love horror movies, even the bad ones, which I think there are a lot of. It takes a lot for a movie to actually scare me. Hmmm, you would think that I would not like them then. Eh, who knows the in’s and out’s of my brain. Anyways, I like my horror a little supernatural so I’m thinking that is what I will go for. Ghosts are kinda boring. Vampires…yeah right. I also like grim reapers but only on a more comical side, not the serious horror side (like the show Dead Like Me and book series Lana Harvey Reapers, Inc by Angela Roquet). Witches don’t really seem very scary to me so I’m thinking werewolf.   Another first will be having my main character be a guy. So, a supernatural, horror story with a male lead….what do you all think?

In other news, I am excited about CJ & Mya. I have outlined a solid 2-3  main events in the whole story line, but I am getting closer to my favorite plot twist. I have a couple ideas for longer stories, most likely novella’s. I just hope I don’t get stuck in my own head with outline’s and the dread of being indecisive. I have to make myself just sit down and begin to write; don’t think too hard about it; don’t agonize over every little detail. I have a couple other ideas for short stories too. See, 50 eleven ideas go on in my head at any given moment.

Stay tuned for a (hopefully) good horror story and of course, more random thoughts from the mind of Kay Mitchell!


2 thoughts on “Blog Post#2

  1. Horror sounds good to me, although I think every creature (vampires, ghosts, werewolves, etc. ) has been rehashed so much, it’s nearly impossible to give a new take on them. So, this is a challenge, I would say! Also, a question. You said you wouldn’t write about depressing stuff like death, because you don’t have it in you. How would you reconcile that with writing a horror story? I hope I’m not sounding confrontational, I’m simply curious 🙂 Ignore this, if you like.


    1. True its hard to do an original story with supernatural creatures. Ill try to give it a good twist. Yo make a good point about death. Glad you are paying attention 🙂 Let me clarify…i meant in regards to my real life. So nonfiction i guess. Horror HAS to have death of course. Thanks for responding!

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