The Story of CJ & Mya

Episode 2

The W Hotel | Room 511 | 11:21 PM

As soon as they get in the room, Mya attacks, posting CJ against the door. They keep kissing and grinding. CJ slyly unzips Mya’s skirt from the back and tugs. Mya steps back and lets the skirt slide down. As Mya begins unbuttoning CJ’s shirt, CJ quickly does the same. CJ throws the red blouse across the room as she gently pushes Mya back causing her to fall on to the bed. Mya quickly shoves off all of the clothes onto the floor. CJ finishes undressing herself, taking off her shirt, dropping her jeans, slowly removing her bra, and finally sliding off her wet panties. Mya, laying there anxiously on the bed, admires CJ’s curvaceous body. She bites her bottom lip in anticipation as CJ ‘s hand runs up her bare legs. Mya moans, arching her back, tilting her head back. She feels CJ’s hand gently tugging at her panties and she lifts her body so they can slide off. CJ slowly spreads Mya’s legs wide then positions herself between them, laying on top of Mya.

They share another intense gaze then CJ softly kisses on Mya’s neck. They both moan. CJ softly caresses Mya’s breasts, then begins to suck the right nipple. She runs circles around the hard nipple with her tongue. She gives the left nipple the same treatment, followed by soft kisses down the stomach to the navel. Mya is constantly moaning now, back arched, gripping the covers. CJ excitedly continues her descent downward and kisses around Mya’s hot spot before dipping her tongue in to see if it’s wet.

Mya cries out, “oh my,” while gripping the sheets tighter. CJ moves her tongue up and down, nice and slow. She is immediately saturated by Mya’s sweet juices. The better it feels, the more Mya pulls on the sheets, her moans continuously cry out which turns CJ on even more. She licks faster and faster. Mya’s hips begin to grind and her moans graduate to stuttered screams of ‘oh yeah‘ and ‘don’t stop‘. She releases the sheets only to start pulling CJ’s hair. CJ begins to moan and grind on the bed as she continues her tongue tricks in anticipation of Mya’s orgasm. Oh, what an orgasm it is — her legs stretch up towards the ceiling and her whole body begins to shake. She screams out a final, “oh my god,” then her legs flop down on the bed. CJ gets in a couple of final licks of the juicy sweet center then lays next to Mya.

CJ notices Mya’s glow and smiles warmly. “You are beautiful”. Mya turns to face CJ. She is usually not phased by those three words. Many people say those words to her everyday. People only momentarily vie for her attention because of her hazel eyes and dimpled smile – the infamous Chandler smile. She sees through most shallowness, but CJ is different. It’s as if CJ is seeing her and for the first time in a long time, she believes those three words to be true. Mya sees and feels pure emotion in CJ.

Speechless, Mya kisses CJ on the lips, slowly inhaling her own scent. She caresses CJ’s face as she slips her tongue in, kissing deeply and passionately. That hand moves down and squeezes her left breast before pinching her nipple lightly. As she moves to the right breast, CJ’s hips begin to squirm. Mya feels her way down to CJ’s flat stomach. CJ’s legs automatically part. Mya dips two fingers down into CJ’s hot spot then pulls them back up wet. This turns Mya on greatly. She immediately gets between CJ’s legs, spreads them wide, and dives her tongue into the wet goodness. CJ takes a deep inhale upon contact, then proceeds to moan. Mya doesn’t hold back at all. She licks up-down and down-up vigorously. CJ covers her face with a pillow as she soon explodes.

Mya looks up at CJ, “already?”

“Sorry…it…has…been…a…while,” CJ gets out while panting through the pillow. “It was great, though, thank you.”

Mya lays beside CJ. “No, thank you. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt like this…,” she pauses lowering her voice to a near whisper, “had this connection with someone, felt this good.”

CJ caresses Mya’s face. “Me too. I’ve had terrible luck dating recently. I’m glad that I met you. I want to continue to get to know you no matter what city you are in.”

Mya puts on a huge smile, “I’d like that.” She turns on her side facing CJ. “My meeting went well, so I will be back soon.”

“Good. I can’t wait to do this again,” CJ turns on her side to face Mya, too. They lay there staring into each other’s eyes. She brings her hand up to gently caress Mya’s caramel cheek with the back of her hand. She simply stares at her, in awe.  “I am really glad we met. I feel it too….this connection.” Mya damn near melts as she blushes. CJ runs her hand over Mya’s shoulder then down her arm. She gently rests the hand on Mya’s hip. Mya closes her eyes, briefly, to bask in the comfort, safety and security she feels. Who knew a simple hand could have this effect? She opens her eyes to see CJ’s pretty brown eyes staring back at her. It is a look that is no longer full of lust and desire but is sweet and sincere.

Mya cups CJ’s pretty brown cheek with her hand. “Hi.”

CJ smiles warmly, “hi.” She turns Mya’s hand around and kisses the back of it.

Mya scoots closer to CJ as she pulls her closer then they fall asleep in each other’s arms.

The W Hotel | Room 511 | 9:19 AM

CJ turns over then awakes to an empty bed. It takes her a moment to realize where she is. Then, she remembers the incredible time she had last night with Mya. The incredible Mya. As she looks around the empty room she wonders was it dream. Did she imagine this beauty? She glances at the night stand in which a note sits. It reads:

          Hi, beautiful. I had an amazing time last night. Thank you so much.
          I had an early flight and did not want to wake you. I’m giving you
          my number this time. Call me when you wake up.

          – Mya

CJ calls the number immediately. “Hello, beautiful,” Mya answers quickly, her smile emanating through the phone.

CJ smiles from ear to ear simply from hearing Mya’s voice. “Hi, you.”

“How are you? How did you sleep?”

CJ rolls over, stretching and yawning before responding, “I am good, despite someone keeping me up last night.”

Mya laughs lightly. “Oh someone kept YOU up all night, huh? Is that why you are doing this sexy yawning in my ear right now?”

CJ feels a rush of excitement come over her and flashes from last night invade her mind.

“Hello,” Mya says, “did I lose you?”

“Huh,” CJ shakes herself back to the present. “No, I’m here. Just reminiscing about last night.”

“Oh yeah,” Mya asks, “did you enjoy yourself?”

“I enjoyed YOUR self,” CJ grins into the phone.

Mya giggles like a girl, surprising herself.

“How are you this morning, Miss Mya? How were you able to make an early flight?”

“It was incredibly hard leaving your arms but somehow I managed.”

“Oh somehow huh?” CJ responds sarcastically. “My arms miss you already.” Too soon, way too soon, CJ knocks herself for letting it slip out. She did not mean to say that outloud. She holds her breath in anticipation of how Mya will respond.

After a few moment of awkward silence, Mya finally responds, “really, now?” CJ can hear that cocky smile through the phone. “Well, maybe they can have me back to you soon. We’ll see.”

CJ finally exhales feeling relieved. “Cool,” she simply responds trying to seem cool and collected. There is an awkward silence again.

Mya finally breaks the silence. “I really like Atlanta. Are you from there? How long have you lived there? Do you like it?”

“Whoa, 21 questions,” CJ laughs, “one at a time.”

“Sorry, I just want to know more about you. Everything actually.”

CJ’s smile can be heard through the phone. “And you will. So, where do I start…”

CJ shares how she was born and raised in Atlanta and has 2 brothers. Mya explains that she was an Army brat, having lived all over the U.S. with no siblings. Mya is jealous of CJ having two siblings. CJ is jealous of Mya’s no siblings. Mya tries her best to explain her job at a marketing company, but CJ does not understand all of the marketing and business lingo. She recounts her meeting the night before with her “bosses” to decide if she will get the Vice President of Sales position in Atlanta. CJ explains, to the best of her ability, her job as a Network Administrator at a hospital. Nothing as exciting as marketing, CJ jokes. They talk on the phone for a couple more hours sharing their backgrounds growing up, college life, parents, and coming out. CJ checks out of the hotel and heads home while Mya decides to lounge around for the rest of the day.

CJ’s Condo | 3:47 PM

CJ is fumbling through clothes in her closet when she hears the “That’s my best friend” song play on her cell phone.

She quickly answers, “what up!”

“Damn, homie, I been trying to reach you since last night,” Monica, says in a very excited and loud voice. “Where have you been? How was the date? Did you get some?”

Before her hyperactive best friend could get out any more questions, CJ simply responds, “I met someone.”

“You met someone?” Monica sounds confused. “Of course you met someone, you went on a date!”

“No, someone else.” CJ says trying to hold back her enthusiasm but knowing her friend, she will be forced to spill the beans on every single detail sooner rather than later.

“Let me get this straight. You went on a date with one chick, then met a different one, who you were with all last night?”

“Yep, that about sums it up.” CJ now has a smirk on her face as she can hardly hold in her enthusiasm.

Monica sighs hard into the phone. “What?”

CJ laughs, “look I’ll tell you all about her tonight.”

“No, you will tell me now. Who the heck is this chick?”

“It’s a long story,” CJ responds calmly, which seems to only make Monica more anxious to know.

“I got time,” Monica says sarcastically.

“I don’t. Gotta get ready for tonight, remember?”

“Uh huh, ok,” Monica responds. “We’ll talk tonight then. I’ll be ready around 8:30. You know I have to make an entrance.”

“Moni, it is a fundraising gala. You can’t be late and you don’t really ‘make an entrance’” CJ’s tone shifts from playful to sturn.

“Look Romeo, I’m doing you a favor even going to this thing. At least let me do me.”

CJ sighs in exasperation. “And I appreciate you being my date tonight, I really do Moni. But I have to be on time. That’s how I do. So if you are with me, so will you.”

“Fine. I will have to start getting ready like right now then so I’ll talk to you later.”

“Great do what you need to do to be ready promptly at 6:30.”

Monica lets out a grunt, “ugh ok, ok but we will talk about this mystery woman.”

“I’ll spare no details. Now go get ready.” CJ hangs up.

The Fox Theatre | 6:55 PM

CJ and Monica exit the limousine right in front of the Fox Theatre. They are quickly greeted by photographers as they pause to pose on the red carpet. The hospital’s annual gala for cancer awareness is one of the biggest events in Atlanta and for cancer awareness in general. There are always photographers, news media, and a long red carpet at the entrance. CJ always gets an invitation because she works for the hospital, though she would support the cause anyway.  

As they sign-in at the registration table, CJ is fascinated by the awe in Monica’s eyes. Monica is completely mesmerized by the exquisitely decorated theatre and the glamor of not only the surroundings but the people too. The two of them definitely look gorgeous, as well. Monica is wearing an elegant red sleeveless gown. It dips low in the front to show a modest amount of cleavage. The material is silky with a gold embroidered design trailing down the right side. It flows down to the floor covering her black, red bottom heels. The red shade accents her flawless chocolate skin. She has on light makeup; foundation, red lipstick, and some eyeliner. Her long dark hair flows down over her shoulder in large curls. CJ is wearing a women’s formal pants suit. A black bow tie is atop a plain white blouse. The fitted women’s jacket is grey with black lapels and pockets. The fitted grey pants are slim and straight stopping just above her low black dress heels. Her natural wavy brown hair is tamed in a neat bun.

They make their way to the beautiful Egyptian ballroom. There are a couple dozen tables covered with white tablecloths with brilliantly bright flower bouquets in the middle. The walls are lined with long purple curtains accented by gold ribbons. The gorgeous chandeliers are dim but there is still enough light to see every glamorous person there. They take their time gliding through the crowd table-by-table in order to find their assigned seats. It’s really Monica who takes her time scrolling, slowly and deliberately making sure she is seen by all. In this dress, she should be! On the ride there, Monica only talked about her dress and makeup so CJ thought she had forgotten about the ‘mystery woman’. I won’t bring it up if she doesn’t, CJ decided. It’s as if Monica reads her mind because as soon as they get settled at their table Monica begins her inquisition.

“So Romeo, what happened last night,” Monica turns and looks CJ straight in her eyes.

“We are really going to do this here and now?”

Monica glares daggers at her bff. “Girl stop playing and spill it.”

“Ok, so I was at dinner with Jennifer, who is the worst by the way. I went to the restroom.” CJ begins to smile from ear to ear before she proceeds. “Then she almost hit me with the door.”

“Who is this she who has you all smiles,” Monica teases as she nudges her friend’s arm.

“Her name is Mya. She is gorgeous and smart, and has this smile…” CJ looks down shyly. “Anyway, she asked me out. She was only in town for the night, though, so I said let’s do it now.”

Monica is literally on the edge of her seat. “Ooooh, what did ya’ll do?”

“Well,” CJ smiles devilishly. “We went to the bar at her hotel and then up to her room.”

“So you did get some,” Monica shouts in excitement for her friend.

“Could you be any louder, Moni, really.”

“Sorry,” Monica lowers her voice to a whisper, “tell me everything.”

Just then a couple arrive at the table. “Hello there,” a woman greets them with a smile as she and a gentleman sit across from them at the table. The woman is tall in her classically elegant long black sleeveless gown and black shoes. Her matching pearl earrings and necklace sparkle brightly, even in the dim ballroom. Her long straight blonde hair flows down her back. The gentleman, who looks older, with streaks of grey hair, has on a traditional black tux.

“Hi,” CJ and Monica say in unison as they turn to greet the couple. “We’ll finish this later,” CJ whispers quickly.

“I am one of the hospital’s administrators, Amanda Smith, and this is my husband, Vince.”

“Hi ladies,” Vince says.

“I thought you looked familiar. My name is CJ. I work at the hospital too in the IT department.”

Amanda tilts her head as she looks CJ up and down. “That’s right. You are one of our genius IT folks. I don’t know what we would do without you guys.”

“This is my friend Monica,” CJ announces.

Monica puts on a wide smile. Amanda shoots Monica a quick smile then her eyes are back on CJ. “I’m glad that you could make it, CJ,” Amanda smiles warmly and her big brown eyes linger on CJ a few moments too long.

Amanda is an older woman, in her late forties, but looks like she is in her thirties. CJ recalls that she is a very serious and direct woman. Each time CJ has encountered her, Amanda was always very straight to the point and in a hurry. No time for pleasantries.  Running a hospital cannot be an easy job, CJ would conclude, and try not to take it personally. So now that Amanda’s undivided attention is set on CJ, it feels ackward.

CJ smiles back. “Thanks, these events are always very lovely. I am fortunate to get invited.”

“Good to know someone actually wants to be here.” Amanda says sarcastically as she rolls her eyes at her husband.

Vince shifts in his seat and responds dryly, “but I am here anyway, aren’t I?”

An awkward silence falls over the table. Vince proceeds to type in his phone while Amanda only watches him in disgust. CJ and Monica trade silent glances as to say, “what in the world”, in the way that only best friends understand.

After a moment Monica attempts to clear the air. “So, Vince what do you do?”

“I am the Vice President of a marketing company and a very busy man.” Vince responds in a harsh tone as he glances at his wife.

“Sure you are,” Amanda lets out an amused laugh. “What about you…Mary, is it?”

Monica rolls her eyes at Amanda. “MON-I-CA,” she clearly iterates each syllable. There is enough tension at the table to cut it with a knife. “And I am a loan officer at a bank.”

“Uh huh, Monica.” Amanda simply looks Monica up and down with a look of disdain. She then turns her attention back to CJ and smiles. “I could actually use a drink. Do walk with me to the bar, CJ. I would like to pick your mind about some things.”

“Sure,” CJ slowly responds, not sure how to feel about the obvious disrespect to her friend.

They head for the bar near the entrance of the ballroom. Amanda hooks her arm around CJ’s. “So glad you could make it. I love this outfit you have on by the way.” They get in line for the bar.

“Thanks,” says CJ. I am running out of fake smiles, she thinks to herself.

“I have seen you at the hospital too. You are definitely memorable.”

CJ is not sure how to take the comment so she only smiles meekly. CJ has to remind herself to remain professional because they work at the same place.

“So is Monica your girlfriend?” Amanda asks.

CJ laughs, “no, we are best friends.”

“Are you single?”

“Yes, I am,” CJ says unconvincingly because she does not want to be after last night.

“Uh huh,” Amanda says. CJ can see the wheels turning in her head. It is their turn at the bar. “What are you drinking?”

“Wine. Monica too.”

“Great, wine for you two, spritzer for me, and water for Vince,” Amanda confirms.

Amanda buys drinks for everyone then they head back to the table.

CJ stops and asks. “So what did you want to pick my brain about.”

“I just did,” Amanda shoots CJ a wink.

“Oh,” is all CJ can get out.

Amanda laughs for a second. “That is not all.” She pulls CJ off to the side where noone can hear them. “I am…” she tilts her head and lowers her eyes while looking straight into CJ’s, “…interested in you.” CJ lifts one eyebrow in confusion. This only further amuses Amanda. She smiles devilishly as she moves closer, within inches from CJ. “Let me be frank, CJ. I am sexually attracted to you. If you feel the same, then I would like to…” She moves in to whisper in CJ’s ear, “…get you in my bed.”

It takes a moment for CJ to realize just what she means, but when she does her eyes open wide and a baffled look comes over her face. “But you are married!”

“Oh don’t worry about him, dear, he is a very busy man. Come by my house and we can discuss this more in private.”

CJ is still in shock at this indecent proposal. Amanda does a slight tug at CJ’s bow tie then slowly retracts her hand before dragging it over her own pearl necklace averting CJ’s attention to her chest. CJ does notice her cleavage and very ample breast. Amanda is still so close that her fruity perfume infiltrates CJ’s nose. Perfume is CJ’s absolute kryptonite. She closes her eyes as she tries NOT to picture her coworker, or boss rather, with nothing on except this heavenly scent. It’s funny how CJ did not see Amanda in a sexual way until that exact moment.

Amanda takes advantage of the effects she is having on CJ. “So come over Monday evening.” She rests her hand on CJ’s forearm.

Correction, a forward, sexy woman with a succulent scent is CJ’s kryptonite. “I um…” she mumbles. “I um can’t.” CJ’s attempt to simply not inhale fails, quickly. She opens her eyes to Amanda’s alluring stare.

“And why is that, dear?” Amanda’s voice is a bit raspy but low and seductive.

“You are technically my boss.”

“I’m not your boss. You do not answer to me, dear. If I were your boss you would definitely know.” Amanda grins slyly. “I can, though, boss you around if you are into that.”

CJ is speechless. Within 48 she has been hit on by not one, but two different attractive women. The only difference now, is that she does not reciprocate the same feelings for her admirer. Now, she has to figure out how to reject her non-boss coworker. She takes a step back and clearly declares, “no thank you.” She turns away from Amanda. “Shall we return to the the table.”

Amanda is not a woman who hears, let alone accepts ‘no’ often. Her playful grin quickly fades. Her face returns to the serious demeanor it is used to. She tugs on CJ’s arm causing her to turn around. “Are you sure, dear? I can make this worth your while in more ways than one…” She trails off letting her words and meaning linger in the air.

“I am positive. I don’t want to keep my date waiting.” CJ leads them back to the table.

When they return to the table, Vince and Monica are discussing Super Bowl commercials.

“Yeah that is a good one, but the one was last year with the dog and the baby was the best marketing strategy of them all,” says Vince enthusiastically.

“Of course it is, who doesn’t like dogs or babies or both,” Monica says playfully.

CJ deposits the drinks on the table. “So what did I miss?”

Amanda’s never takes her eyes off of CJ. “Nothing much if I know my husband. Just crazy marketing theories in Super Bowl commercials.”

Genius theories you mean,” Vince corrects his wife.

“They are interesting,” Monica laughs. “Everything okay? You guys were gone for a while.”

“Everything is fine. CJ and I setup an appointment for Monday to discuss my issue further.” Amanda responds boldly.

What could have been mild curiosity, slowly morphed into annoyance and has now exploded into now full grown anger. CJ is now livid. How dare she speak for me and worse make decisions for me, CJ thinks.

“Oh yeah, and what issue do you have, Amanda,” Monica’s expression is now accusatory.

“Oh don’t worry, Monica, I am absolutely sure that CJ will be able to help with my technical dilemma.”

“Is that right, boss,” CJ retorts angrily.

At this point Amanda is staring at CJ with an amused stare. Monica is staring at Amanda with a confused look. CJ is shooting Amanda daggers. Vince is checking emails on his phone, oblivious to everything. What an evening this has turned into, CJ thinks. She immediately regrets coming. Just then images of Mya’s smile bombard her mind and she feels at ease.

Monica is determined to avoid the couple at all costs so she drags CJ away and they explore the beautiful ballroom. CJ follows Monica as she prances around showing off her gown. They mingle with CJ’s coworkers, drink wine, and even dance. After a while, Monica’s prance turns to stumbles so CJ decides to get get her home because she has had enough wine.

CJ’s Condo | 10:27 PM

“Hi you,” CJ answers her cell phone holding it to her ear with her shoulder as she continues to undress.

“Hello gorgeous,” Mya’s smile can be heard through the phone.

CJ instantly feels soothed. “Wow, just hearing your voice…” She inhales deeply. “I’m just happy to hear your voice after the night that I have had.”

“Oh yeah,” Mya responds, still smiling. “I have to admit that I may have actually missed you today.”

“Oh yeah,” CJ mocks.

Mya’s voice softens, “Maybe just a little.”

“You may have crossed my mind a time or two today,” CJ teases.

“Good, I should,” Mya finds her bravado again. “So tell me all about your night.”

“You won’t believe what happened to me!”

CJ gives a play-by-play of the night’s activity, including the advances by her non-boss and Monica’s drunken tango with strangers.  She omits wishing that Mya had gone to the gala with her instead of her boisterous bff.

“So, how was your day,” CJ laughs.

“Not as exciting as your’s was,” Mya laughs, “no indecent proposals just unpacking, work, and bad Saturday night T.V.”

“Work on a Saturday sounds fun,” CJ laughs,.”You’re one of those workaholics?”

“No, I just love what I do.” Mya’s tone becomes serious. “Plus, I have to be better than the best when I take over as VP in Atlanta.”

“I know you will be great,” CJ responds.

Mya laughs, “thanks!”

“So…” CJ hesitates, “when exactly will you be back in Atlanta, Miss VP.”

“Ah, I thought you’d never ask, beautiful. I start in two weeks. Originally, I was going to come in two weeks, but I think I will come next weekend.”

CJ’s face lights up but she tries to play it cool. “Ok, cool.”

“Ok, cool?” Mya repeats. “Please contain your enthusiasm.”

CJ’s voice changes to a low and sultry tone, “I can’t wait to see you, Mya.”

The way CJ says her name makes Mya melt. “Really? I thought it was just me. I was the only one…” Mya literally holds her breathe.

“What,” CJ asks anxiously, “feeling like, well, having feelings?”

Mya  finally exhales, loudly. “Yes! I can’t get you out of my head. I know it’s only been, what, 24 hours but I am really anxious to see you again.”

“I feel the same way, sweetie,” CJ confesses. “You are kind of unforgettable, you know.”

Mya laughs, “my smile – I know, I…”.

“No, it’s not just that,” CJ interrupts. “It’s the way your eyes sparkle when you look at me. The little look away thing you do when I compliment you or when you feel shy, which is not a lot. You are confident and very aggressive which I love.”

Mya is shyly looking away at the moment as she blushes. “Ah, you are the sweetest, babe! Which is what I love about you. Beautiful, smart, and sweet. I hit the jackpot!” Mya laughs softly. “Plus, sexy…the way you look at me with those bedroom eyes…I have to admit that I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on you again.”

“Oh really. And what will you do once your hands are on me?” CJ responds in a sultry tone.

“Oh you have not seen aggressive yet, babe,” Mya begins, “the things these hands can and will do to you…”

Just then CJ’s doorbell rings. “What the hell?” CJ grippes angrily. “Someone’s at my door.”

“WHO the hell,” Mya exclaims, “it’s late.”

“I don’t know but I will get rid of them quick. Hey, you sound jealous,” CJ half teases.

“Sorry, I did not mean for it to sound…I’m not, it just came out wrong…you know what just answer your door. I’ll wait.”

CJ laughs a little right before she looks out of her front door’s peephole. Her smile quickly fades and her jaw literally drops. “Boss?”

To be continued…..