Am I a blogger?

Am I a blogger? I am about to blog, so I guess so. Here goes…

While having serious writer’s block from not just CJ and Mya’s story, but all 50 eleven storylines going on in my brain at once, I decided to take a minute and just write my thoughts. I never really considered blogging. Who gives a crap about my two cents, anyways? Maybe I’ll do it for me, then. Maybe I need to just get some stuff off my chest. Maybe I just want to sit and talk to you good people for a minute.

I will give a little background, or motivation, behind The Crush. There is some smidget of truth in everything I write. Whether it be the characteristics of a character, a specific event, or my feelings about an event/character. In The Crush, it is the event of waiting on a “handy-man” to come fix things at my house after moving in. Unlike the story though, my “handy-man” sucked and it took longer than 3 days to get things done. That is how the whole story was born. And that is the one and only truth about it. No, I lie. The character Amber does resemble a real life person. Ok, EVERYTHING else is made up.

Now, with CJ and Mya…well it was originally just a short and sweet story, similar to The Crush. It was born out of a desire to spice up things between me and my boo. I did not intend on stretching it out into a series until recently when I got serious about writing.  I said to myself, “self, let’s get out of a comfort zone. Let’s try something different.” This has proven to be a real challenge, though (thanks self). That is probably why it’s taking me so long to write this second episode. That and the fact that writing is hard!

Writing is hard. Do you realize that your entertainment is dependant on my brain, my imagination, creating these things out of thin air. Characters, settings, sex, lust, plot, sex, character development, drama, sex – all from my brain! That is…deep. If I don’t sit here and make up more of these things, you have nothing to read. If my imagination cannot carry on; cannot simply fulfil this promise of continuation; cannot simply do what it is supposed to do and simply create; there will be nothing. I will have failed. I will have failed you as a writer. I will have failed myself.

Alright, alright, enough rambling. Sorry I took a pretty serious turn there. Speaking of, one thing you will most likely NEVER see me write about is like really serious, serious things like death, depression, and sexual abuse. Sorry, I just don’t have it in me. At least not right now. I just don’t like going to those dark places. I like my places sunny, maybe a little partly sunny every now and again.

So that is all for my ramblings on my very first blog entry. Happy reading!




3 thoughts on “Am I a blogger?

  1. I was wondering what happened to part#2. Sorry to hear about the writer’s block; if it’s any consolation you’re doing the right thing by ‘rambling’ to get through it. Writer’s block is like any other blockage: something’s getting in the way of something else. Carry on writing whatever comes into your head; doesn’t matter if it’s a story or complete nonsense (I probably don’t use 70% of the stuff I write about), just keep writing. Once you’ve cleared it, then you’ll find the stories behind it. And try the Hemingway method for avoiding writer’s block. He used to leave a sentenced unfinished so he had something to pick up from the following morning.

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