The story of CJ & Mya is a love story of two women living in different cities, who fall in love at first site and their trials and tribulations of trying to make it work because they have a love so deep it cannot keep them apart.

Episode 1

Mya’s Room | 6:05 PM
Mya stands in her bedroom doorway, frozen. She looks at the pile of clothes on the bed and feels this anxious, nervousness in the pit of her stomach as she tries to decide what wear. She hates having to become this person who she is not in order to please someone else; this happy energetic, people-pleasing amplified version of herself. Like a glorified salesperson. What is she selling…herself?

She shifts through the clothes then finally makes a decision. She slides a black skirt up her long legs and slips into a silky red blouse. She fishes out a pair of black 6-inch heels from a pile of shoes in the middle of the floor. She glances at the clock – 6:27 PM. I’m running late, she realizes. She digs her cell phone out of her purse then dials the last number in her log. “Hey, this is Mya,” she says, “I am running a little late. You know this Atlanta traffic.” She listens for a few seconds then responds, “yes, of course, see you soon.” She quickly grabs her keys and purse then heads out the door.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Restaurant | 6:28 PM
CJ arrived at the restaurant early. It’s not that she is so punctual, it’s that she is too nervous to be the last one to arrive for a first date. I will be able to check her out before she even sees me, she decides. As she patiently waits in the restaurant’s lobby, her phone rings.

“Hi,” she answers and listens intently. “I understand. No worries, take your time just be safe.” She hangs up as the hostess calls her name, “James party of 2”. She uses her last name, James, because she hates Cassandra, her first name. She explains that she is still waiting for her date but the young, power wielding, and ridiculously hot, hostess quickly says that CJ “cannot be seated without her party being present”. Fine, CJ thinks as she continues to wait, patiently.

After another twenty minutes of waiting, she just wants some bread or something. Great first date this is turning out to be, she thinks sarcastically. She found someone who is 86% compatible with her on an online dating site. She hates that she has to use a dating site but meeting women in real life is just as hard. Seems as if it is the only way to meet women, though, especially for someone as introverted as CJ. Punctuality must not have been part of the compatibility test, she thinks as she continues to wait, now impatient and hungry.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Restaurant | 7:03 PM
Mya gives herself one last once over then a little pep talk before getting out of the car: you got this; you are confident; you are THE HBIC. Head up and chest out with determination in her eyes, she grabs her things and heads into the restaurant. Time to be great!

CJ stands as she spots her, very late, date approaching. She is prettier in person, CJ thinks as she tries not to have an attitude. “Hi, nice to finally meet you, Jennifer.”

“Hey CJ,” Jennifer responds while going in for a hug. “I am so sorry for being late. I had an emergency with my roommate you wouldn’t believe.” CJ lets Jennifer throw her arms around her and squeeze her neck in an awkward hug. When they release, CJ checks out Jennifer’s outfit; black dress boots; skinny jeans; and a short sleeve pink top showing plenty of cleavage. CJ begins to feel a lot more forgiving now.

“It’s fine. You can tell me all about it during dinner. I am starving.”

“I definitely have to,” Jennifer responds with a level of enthusiasm that CJ wishes she had.

Mya scrolls through the restaurant dining room and approaches a group of men at a back table still feeling nervous about her meeting. “Hi guys,” she flashes that bright infamous Chandler smile. The Chandler’s are known for their hereditary bright, dimple smiles that can be spotted a mile away. The smile known for manipulating many.

“Well, hello there Miss Chandler,” says Derrick Hall, the company’s Vice President, as she firmly shakes his hand.

“She finally made it,” says Vince Smith, the Vice president of Marketing, with a sarcastic smirk.

“Hey Mya,” says her boss and Vice President of Sales in Dallas as he hugs her.

“Yes, again, sorry. Tell you what, the next round is on me guys,” Mya responds confidently.

“I like her already,” says Derrick, “rum and coke all around.”

“Yes, Derrick, I told you that she’s the real deal, a real go-getter,” James says.

“James, I don’t know what ‘go-getters’ are like in Dallas, but here in Atlanta, they are at least on time for business meetings,” declares Vince loudly.

Mya moves directly in front of Vince and looks him square in the eyes, flashing the brilliant Chandler smile again then asks, “Vince, what are you drinking?”

He shuffles nervously for a second, “I’m a beer guy, but…”
“Let’s get you a pitcher,” Mya interrupts. “Vince, look I am here now so let’s all just have a couple drinks, on me of course, and then get down to business.” She shoots Vince a wink then sits in an empty seat and crosses her legs. “Okay Vince?”

The guys all follow suite and sit down. “Okay then, where is that waitress,” says Derrick.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Restaurant | 9:27 pm
Jennifer has complained about almost everything. The food was not hot. The waitress was slow. The wine was stale. Is that even possible, CJ wonders. She can’t stand women who complain and are constantly negative. Now, CJ simply stares at Jennifer as she goes on and on about her dog. Before that, it was her roommates. Yes, roommates plural. Either way, CJ is beyond bored. They finished eating dinner and dessert a while ago. At this point CJ has run out of things to fumble with on the table.

She finally attempts to get a word in, literally. “So Jennifer, it is getting late.”

“Huh,” Jennifer pauses her rant, “oh yeah, I guess it is.”

“I’ll take care of the check. Let me run to the restroom first.” CJ only manages a meek smile then quickly heads to the restroom at the back of the restaurant.

Mya and the guys have had about four rounds by now. They’re “business talk” became less and less about business and more about women. Mya’s sexual orientation definitely won her some cool points. Or maybe it was the kinky story that she told? She finally won over good ol’ Vince and the VP, Derrick loves her. Of course her current boss, James, talked her up as much as possible. She is on her way to heading up the company’s Atlanta Sales division.

“Alright fellas, I have to go to the little girl’s room,” Mya explains. She feels the four rounds of dark liquor she has downed tit-for-tat with her male counterparts, but she is only mildly buzzed. Along with their smile, the Chandlers are also known for holding their liquor.

The guys continue laughing about something or another. “Hey the last round is on me ladies,” Derrick exclaims very loudly. He clearly is drunk.

Mya gathers herself, clutching her purse under her arm and smoothing out her blouse and skirt; after all, she is still a lady. She steadily walks towards the “Restrooms” sign. Mya pushes the door to the restrooms hallway nearly hitting CJ as she is exiting. Startled, CJ jumps back avoiding getting hit in the face. The first thing Mya notices is CJ’s almond brown eyes, accented by gorgeous long eyelashes. CJ finally focuses and the first thing she sees is Mya’s enticing hazel brown eyes staring back at her. CJ is quickly mesmerized by how they literally twinkle in the light. They share a long awe filled gaze into each other’s eyes.

“Shit, I am so sorry,” Mya finally gets out, her eyes wandering down to CJ’s curvaceous shape, enjoying the way her blue button down shirt fits perfectly and her jeans accent her hips just right.

CJ puts on a flirtatious smile as she scans over Mya, as well, noticing her C-cups, small waist, and long bare legs. “You almost took me out. Glad my quick reflexes kicked in. No worries, I’m ok.” CJ laughs.

Mya relaxes some. “Good. I was only trying to go to the restroom, not take out such a pretty face,” Mya responds boldly, then bites her bottom lip. She has never been the shy type. CJ actually blushes as she looks away, shyly, for a moment. “What is the name that this pretty face belongs to,” Mya asks.

“CJ,” she puts her hand out, “and what’s your name, pretty eyes?”

Mya gently places her hand in CJ’s, moving closer. “My name is Mya,” she flashes that Chandler smile as she slowly exclaims, “it is very nice to meet you, CJ.”

That smile definitely has its effect on CJ, because the only thing she can do is smile from ear to ear. It only makes Mya continue to smile. So for a few moments they stand, in the hallway of the restaurant holding hands smiling and staring at each other.

CJ finally breaks their smile-off and releases Mya’s hand. “Well, Mya, as much as I love seeing your smile, I don’t want to keep you from the restroom.” CJ bites her bottom lip, now.

“Would you like to see more of it?”

“Absolutely,” CJ responds with a sultry look in her eyes.

Mya quickly pulls out her phone from her purse. “What’s your number, pretty?” CJ says her number while pulling out her own phone. “Got it,” Mya says. “I’ll call you.” Before CJ can even unlock her phone, Mya swiftly starts walking down the hall and then she is gone.

CJ thinks about just waiting for her to come out of the restroom but decides that that is just creepy. She is not the creepy stalker type. As she slowly walks back to her table, looking back every few steps, she wonders what if she never sees Mya again. Will this beautiful woman really call her?

Mya quickly enters the restroom and tries to get a hold of herself. Her nerves are all over the place, alternating between excitement and fear. She looks at herself in the mirror. Be cool. She looks at CJ’s number in her phone. How can I ask someone out right now? I’ll be leaving town tomorrow. Just be cool and see what happens, she tries to convince herself. In the meantime she has to wrap up with her bosses and confirm her new position before she leaves tonight. That was her mission and goal. Again, she gives herself a quick once-over in the mirror before holding her head up high and exiting the restroom. When she returns to the guys, they are standing chatting.

“Damn Chandler, did you fall in,” Vince ask as they all muster up drunken laughs. “Or you had some girly stuff going on,” Vince follows up.

“I don’t think you can ask that,” says James, “HR policy, I think.”

As they debate HR sexual harassment policy, Derrick confirms a mission complete. “Well, Miss Chandler, let me be the first to congratulate you as the new VP of Sales in Atlanta.”

Mya, always the calm cool professional, simply shakes Derrick’s hand. “Thank you so much, Derrick, you will not be disappointed. Like I said earlier, I am ready and have a concrete plan to get sales up.”

“Alright, alright, you’ve already sold me,” Derrick laughs, “now I’ve got to get back to the hotel. Past my bedtime.”

“Yeah me too,” James chimes in as he goes to hug Mya. “Hey, you did great tonight. I’m proud of you. Looks like the teacher has become the student.” He stumbles a little, ignorant to his mistake.

Mya only squeezes him and says, “thanks boss”. They all walk, slowly, towards the front doors of the restaurant.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Restaurant | 10:11 pm
“We should say our bye’s here,” CJ says to Jennifer. They are out front waiting on Valet.

“Right, sure,” Jennifer responds.

“Well, like I said, it was nice meeting you.” CJ goes in for a hug. Jennifer puts her arms around CJ’s neck then squeezes and holds. Just then CJ sees Mya walking out of the restaurant with a group of men. CJ quickly wiggles out of Jennifer’s grasp and then steps back.

“Well, um, I’ll call you. Bye.”

Jennifer, confused, only says, “um, okay, later,” as she walks to the Valet stand.

As Mya and gang approach, she finally spots CJ and shoots her a warm smile. Once she has gotten the guys off in cabs, she heads over to CJ, who has shuffled around in the same spot.

“Hi, again,” Mya says.

“So, you are real,” CJ says with a loud sigh while holding her chest, “whew thought I maybe imagined you.”

Mya laughs, “no, I am definitely real.” She inches closer to CJ.

“So what’s with the disappearing act?”

“Sorry about that. It’s just,” Mya hesitates.

“What? Are you here with your husband or something,” CJ asks.

“NO, it’s nothing like that.” Mya looks into CJ’s eyes. “I’m from Dallas. I’m in town for business, hence the group of guys. I will only be in town for tonight,” she finally confesses.

“Oh,” CJ says sadly, “I see.”

“I do really want to go out with you, though. But I’m on a time limit.”

CJ only shuffles in place as she thinks.

Mya continues, “I will understand if you don’t want to. I don’t want to waste your time. I mean…”

“Yes,” CJ cuts her off. “Let’s go out right now then.”

“Right now, right now?”

“Yes. You have somewhere else to be right now?”

Mya smiles from ear to ear. “I do have a flight in the morning, but I guess I can sleep on the plane.”

CJ smiles and shoots Mya a wink. Mya moves in close enough to CJ to kiss her. “Okay, let’s do it!”

“Great, where to,” CJ ask.

“Anywhere but here,” Mya scrunches her face.

CJ only smirks, if you only knew, she thinks. “We already ate, so a bar?”

“How about the bar at my hotel. It’s right up the street.”

“Okay, perfect.”

The W Hotel Bar | 11:01 PM
They find a couple of bar stools at the end of the bar. “So what do you drink,” CJ ask.

“I’m simple. Just rum and Coke for me.”

CJ can’t stop looking at Mya’s exposed long, gorgeous and smooth legs. Mya catches her eying her legs and decides to taunt her. Mya faces CJ then slowly uncrosses her legs, leaving them slightly open. CJ nearly goes crazy thinking to herself how great those legs must feel. All Mya can do is smile devilishly. She is secretly amused at the lust in CJ’s eyes, but more importantly, at her own ability to make CJ lust over her. It’s like an erotic power trip which turns her on and makes her feel sexy and desired. She hasn’t felt this way in a while. Dizzy with lust and desire. She basks in the moment before grabbing CJ’s hand and placing it on her thigh. Mya gives CJ an assuring nod that gives CJ’s hand permission to feel and rub, sliding her hand up and down the silky smooth skin. Mya bites her bottom lip as she marvels in this skin-to-skin touch.

CJ’s hand feels warm and comforting on Mya’s leg, like hot soup on a cold snowy day, but also sends bolts of electric tingles through her body. She hasn’t felt this in a long time. Oh why must she tease me so, CJ thinks, while trying to remain calm and cool. She feels this electricity between them. Nothing she has felt with random online dates. No, this is different. She has felt it in the pit of her stomach since the movement that she looked into Mya’s beautiful hazel eyes. She stares into those eyes again now, as her hand moves further up Mya’s leg. Just as her hand slips under the dress, Mya grabs it.

“Want to take this up to my room,” Mya ask.

“Oh yes,” CJ responds with no hesitation.

“Let’s go,” Mya says then hops up and grabs CJ’s hand.

The W Hotel Lobby | 11:17 PM
They wait in anticipation for the elevator, exchanging lustful looks. Ding, the doors open. Mya leads the way into the elevator, then as soon as the doors close, CJ grabs Mya by the waist and slowly pushes her back and pins her to the back of the e elevator. Mya wraps her arms around CJ’s neck as they share their first embrace. An embrace that is soft and gentle, yet electric. CJ exudes a low moan. This is it, this is what I’ve been missing, she thinks. CJ kisses Mya on the check soft and gentle, at first. Mya gently cups CJ’s cheeks as she lands soft kisses on her lips. Their bodies grind as their kissing becomes more intense; tongue-tingling, hip-hugging, lip-locking passionate kissing.

Ding, the elevator opens. Mya points the way to her room.

To Be Continued…




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