The Crush

Sarah moves to a new city to start over after a divorce but finds herself wildly attracted to her electrician – a gorgeous woman. Will a simple crush turn into more?



I wake to incredibly hot, southern air. Sweat has glued my pajama top to my skin. My underwear is now damp. ‘It’s fucking hot’, I think to myself. Good thing the electrician comes today. This is the price I chose to pay, though, moving into my new condo that was not finished being renovated. I absolutely could not stay in another lonesome and public hotel. Two months straight in a hotel is plenty enough for me and I most definitely could no longer stand being in…’I will not reminisce’, I try to convince myself. Leaving Atlanta, leaving him, was the best thing to do. A woman can only be hurt so many times. A good woman can only be cheated on so many times. Hell, one time should have been one time too many, but being a “good woman” means staying and working through the hard times of a marriage. But being a “good woman” only got me cheated on, lied to, and hurt. What is the point? So now, here I am two months and one divorce later starting over hundreds of miles away in Savannah.

The early morning light shines beautiful and bright through my bare bedroom windows making it hard to remain angry. I must get up and get ready before the electrician arrives. One very cool shower later, I am dressed in khaki Capri’s, a white tank top, and flip flops. I throw my long red hair into a ponytail and am now ready to start my day. I think I will go to the beach. Summers in Atlanta mean stay inside in comfortable air conditioning, so I am sure that I could use a good tan. A nice long day of sun, ocean air and Mai Tai’s beach side with a good book sounds heavenly.

The refrigerator is still not working either so I grab a granola bar from the kitchen. I have not had much of an appetite lately anyway. Suddenly, the front door unlocks and cracks open which startles me. I ease out of the kitchen at the back of the condo and slowly head through the living room.

“Hello, who’s there,” I yell. At first only a blue tool box peeks into the doorway. “Are you the electrician,” I ask then feel dumb because if it is not then it is a really bad thief casually walking in through my front door.

I hear shouts outside the door. “Yes, I got it Mr. Smith. See you at 3.”

It is not the voice of some husky, macho, hairy overweight guy that I assume my electrician looks like. This voice is soft – the voice of a woman. The door creeks open completely and all I see at first are long golden dreadlocks. They frame a slim, long pretty face – the face of a woman. The light coming in from behind her seems to make her peanut butter toned skin glow. Almost heavenly. Her shiny, oval, brown eyes finally meet mine.

“Oh, hi.” She seems startled by me also. “We didn’t know anyone would be here.” She steps inside and puts down the tool box and a black backpack with an Atlanta Falcons logo on it. ‘Figures‘, I think to myself.

“Yeah…um…right. Yes, I am here,” I murmur.

She has on black boots and loose fitting khaki pants. Her curvy figure is still noticeable, though. Her red polo shirt has the company’s logo on it. It fits her snug and I can tell she is at least a C cup. But why am I even noticing that anyway?

“I mean, I am the owner. I just moved in yesterday.” I explain.

She closes the door, walks towards me, left hand extended, and flashes a wide smile. “I am with Smith Heating and Air here to fix, well, everything.” Sunlight is gone, but she still has this glow about her. I feel it radiating. I feel warm and vibrant inside. I shake her hand while unable to detach my stare from the sparkling brown jewels that are her eyes.

“Mr. Smith had an emergency so I am filling in. I am Amber. Nice to meet you…” she says, her words lingering in the air for a response.

“Sarah, sorry, my name is Sarah,” I stumble out finally after a long, awkward, and silent delay.

She shoots me an amused grin as she pulls her hand back. “So, SARAH,” her emphasis on my name sends a chill through my whole body, “is it okay if I work around you? I don’t want to get in your way.”

“Yes, of course. Please, do what you need to do.”

“It’s hot as hell in here,” we say at the exact same time then laugh. Wow, her laugh is even more mesmerizing than her eyes. It is bright and warm and inviting.

“I will be gone for the day so I will be out of your way. I do hope you can get the AC fixed asap,” I exclaim. “I am in desperate need of relief.” Oh no, that did not come out right. There is that awkward, silent delay again.

Her amused grin is back. She seems to hesitate at first, as if contemplating the right thing to say. “No worries. I will get it fixed today and get you some relief.”

It sounded better coming from her mouth. Almost flirtatious. Is she flirting? Am I flirting? What is going on with me? Amber cocks her head to the side slightly, her gaze has not yet detoured form my eyes. She flashes that smile again. That warm intoxicating feeling is back. I lick my dry lips while admiring her plump, luscious ones and unconsciously bit my bottom lip. Oh no, I hope she did not catch me staring at her lips. She did. She stares at mine now and then mimics me. I feel the flush of a blush sweep over me – quickly. I have to get out of here.

“Well, the beach calls,” I blurt out while rather clumsily gathering my things. I cannot even think straight at this point. Keys – check. Phone – check. Purse? Where is my purse? I head back to my bedroom to look for it. I spot it in a box in the corner. Now, where is my beach bag? I think I am ready to go. ‘Get yourself together‘, I tell myself.

I head back to the living room as I plan to just make a mad dash for the front door. I get halfway through the living room when I hear, “have a nice day, enjoy the beach”. I turn around instinctively. I have to respond, right? No need to be rude simply because I cannot get myself together. Amber steps out of the utility closet. She has come out of the red polo and now only has on a black tank top. ‘Oh yes, they are definitely C cups,’ I commend myself for calling it. I cannot help but stare at her small waist and voluptuous hips. My God, her curvaceous figure! She has put her dreadlocks up into a ponytail. Light beads of sweat have already formed on her forehead. A couple droplets escape from her shoulder down her toned forearm. If I thought sun-kissed peanut butter skin was nice, moist, glistening peanut butter skin is magnificent. Shit, she is hot. I lose it again. That warm, intoxicating feeling is back and stronger.

Gather yourself‘, I tell myself. But self does not want to listen. Self wants to bask in this magnificent display. Self wants to engrave this sight in memory to last forever. Self wants…to touch? My eyes make their way back up to her face after a very, very long lustful once-over. I see her lips moving but I am still dizzy, intoxicated by her body. I literally have to shake myself out of this trans.

“I said have a good day at the beach,” I finally hear.

I blink, hard, a few times trying to focus on speaking. “Um yeah, will,” is all that I can get out. Oh no, queue the blushing again which is not hard to notice due to my pale tone.

“Are you okay,” Amber asks softly. I see something different in her eyes now. She drops whatever tool she has in hand and walks closer to me, squaring her body to mine, only a few feet away. She tilts her head to the side again. Her eyes soften, but her gaze intensifies. I just begin to fan myself with my hands and try to avoid her eyes. Oh those sparkly brown jewels.

“I’m just exhausted from this heat. I should go.” I explain.

“Should you,” she asks, no declares boldly; her eyes inescapable. I only stand there staring anxiously. “I mean you should,” Amber corrects and takes a few steps back.

I turn quickly, shout, “later” and then I am out the door.

What exactly just happened? After simply seeing this gorgeous, sexy woman I got all hot and bothered? Really? This is not me. I have never lusted over a woman before, let alone one that I have just met. I shrug it off as just an innocent girl crush – like for one of my favorite celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Kerry Washington, or Ruby Rose. Once she is gone, I should be fine. I will not get home from the beach until late. I’ll have a working A/C and no sexy woman to lust over in my condo. Problem solved.


When I get home later, there is a note on my front door:


The part I need to fix the heating unit has to be ordered. Unfortunately,
I was not able to get the A/C working either. I will be back same time
tomorrow morning to finish. I promise I will knock next time!

– Amber

So much for problem solved. The night air does bring some relief from the heat. I open all the windows and get a good breeze flowing throughout my new empty home. Without thinking, I open the refrigerator to put in my bottled water and red wine. To my surprise it is working now. Bless you Amber! I throw the bottles in. So much for not thinking about her any more.

I have had enough water for one day, so I decide to take a quick, cool shower. I pour a glass of my favorite red wine, grab my iPad, and get cozy in my bed. Today has been a long hot day. And I do not mean this Savannah heat. I dwell on my encounter with the hot, woman, electrician in disbelief that I have a girl crush. It is just an innocent girl crush? Or maybe I am just horny? I have not had sex with another person in months – relying only on my hands and toys to relieve that need. Nah, this is different. No famous celebrity, no matter how gorgeous she may be ever made me this excited. Not even Ruby Rose.

I let my mind wonder about Amber…those toned arms…those assumingly strong hands…those hands on me. Next thing I know, my hand is in my panties. I imagine her hand is mine. How would she touch me? I make slow strokes at first. I imagine Amber’s eyes piercing into mine. I see sweat glisten from her forehead. I imagine she is sweaty from fucking me. My fingers stroke my clit faster. Oh, those luscious lips. I would love a taste. I can hear the wetness of my sweet spot from the strokes of my drenched fingers. My own wetness turns me on even more. I imagine that it is Amber’s. Slow moans rise up from my belly as I get more excited. Could I make her moan? The thought, along with the fast strides of my fingers, push me over the top. Bursts of light flash through my mind as I cum. ‘Oh my,’ I think, all of this from a girl crush.



I wake to knocking, hard knocking at the front door. ‘Shit, did I oversleep?’ I throw on a robe and run to answer the door. I am greeted by a warm smile.

“Good morning,” Amber says, and then gives me an once-over. “Too early?”

I return a smile. “No, not at all,” and open the door to allow her to enter. “Come on in”.

Oh no, my breathe must be horrible and I must look like a mess. Bed head is not cute. Amber enters and sits her things by the front door again.

“Sorry about the air,” she says apologetically, “I will have it fixed today I promise. No worries, red.”

I giggle like a schoolgirl. She is the only person who can get away with calling me “red”. Am I twisting my hair like a teenaged girl? “I -ah should go get dressed.” I damn near skip down the hall to my bedroom. I want to convince myself to get it together again, but self likes this feeling. I have not felt butterflies in my stomach since I was a teenage girl. It feels exciting and new. I could use some good excitement in my life right about now.

Another cold shower is a must. The condo and I both feel hot. I throw on some jean short-shorts and a hot pink tank top. I fish out some cute white sandals from a box. I use the curling iron to give my hair a little bounce. I slowly exit the bedroom keeping an eye out for the sexy electrician. I hear noises in the utility closet off the living room, so I head in that direction. I make sure to make some noise as I pass the open utility closet door – cough, cough. ‘Subtle, Sarah,’ I think to myself. When I reach the kitchen, I realize there is no food.

“I brought a couple bagels in case you didn’t have any food. On account of your stove not working and all,” Amber says with perfect timing.

I head into the living room. She has on khaki pants again and a black polo shirt. Her dreadlocks are pulled up into a ponytail. “Awe, thank you. You did not have to do that,” I respond shyly.

She smiles warmly. I love her smile. “You are very welcome. Off to the beach again” she asks, staring into my eyes eagerly.

I smile back devilishly. “Not today. I was promised that my A/C would be working so after this tasty breakfast, I will do some much needed unpacking.”

Amber responds with a long laugh, which lights up the whole room. “Well, I definitely have to get it working today now,” she cocks her head to the side and narrows her eyes, licking her lips. “I keep my promises”.

“Good,” I respond boldly as I mimic her gestures. “Come eat with me”. It came out as a demand, but was meant to be more of a question.

“I ate already. Plus, I should get back to work. My client is very demanding.” She shoots me a wink.

Now we are flirting! My goodness, I haven’t flirted with anyone other than my husband in years. Do I still even know how to flirt? I have a feeling that I am about to find out.

I smile back returning the bold glare into her eyes. “Oh, you haven’t seen anything yet,” I retort followed by a wink.

Amber’s eyes widen in surprise at my comeback. “Let me guess,” I ask, “you cooked breakfast this morning?”

Amber smiles again, bright and white, “no, I don’t cook. I had a bagel too.”

“Oh so you’re…” I hesitate briefly, “significant other cooks for you?” I turn away in anticipation of her response.

“I am actually single. It’s a miracle that I even eat at all.”

I turn back to her and chuckle. I am relieved for some reason.

“Do you cook for your husband,” Amber asks.

“I do enjoy cooking, but I am actually single, too,” I respond quickly to get these assumptions about a husband out of her head immediately. I look deeply into her beautiful brown eyes. I am stuck. Like I’m at the mercy of her gaze. Struck by this gorgeous, caramel, sexy, seductive creature. It is almost like a stand-off. I dare not move until those brown jewels release me from this trans. We smile intently at each other for what seems like hours.

“I can cook for you. To, you know, return the favor,” I finally break our silence. “Or as compensation for being so demanding.”

Amber’s face lights up with that beautiful smile again. “I would like that.”

“How about lunch tomorrow,” I ask.


“What do you like to eat?”

“I’m easy. Surprise me,” Amber replies with a wink. “Now I really do need to get back to work. I haven’t fixed the A/C yet and it’s hot.” She slowly takes off her polo shirt, all the while keeping her eyes on me.

“Okay,” is all that I can get out.

She turns and heads back to the utility closet. I admire her toned shoulders and back exposed through her black tank top. Her silky caramel skin glistens lightly. A throbbing, excited sensation pulsates in my private parts. I wonder if she feels me watching her walk away. Can she feel my eyes lusting after her? Does she see yearning when she looks deeply into my eyes? Can she tell that I am yearning to be close to her; to taste her smile; to touch her radiance? More importantly, does she feel the same? The way she looks at me says yes, but how can I be sure? The way she licks her lips; the way she gives me bedroom eyes; the way she looks me up and down? I cannot wait until tomorrow’s lunch. Should I make a move then? Will she make a move? I hope so. Anyways, I’ve got to go to the grocery store. I have to cook something amazing for Amber. First, I need to put something in my growling stomach. I devour a bagel with cream cheese then head out.


I return in anticipation of seeing Amber. Unfortunately, her things are gone. I head to the kitchen. There is a note on the refrigerator door:


As promised you now have A/C. The part for the heating unit will be in tomorrow. I will be there later in the afternoon to install it. I look forward to lunch. Should I bring anything? Here is my number 555-7286. Stay cool…

– Amber

I smile at the thought of her looking forward to having lunch with me. I am super excited now. Thank goodness she fixed the A/C. The cool air brings major relief and I like her even more now. Should I call her? Or maybe text? For the next few hours, as I unpack, I go back and forth with myself with whether or not to call her.


I finally decide to shoot her a quick text confirming I got her note:

me: Hi Amber. Got ur note
U don’t have to bring anything. this is Sarah btw

Now, I wait which is the most nerve racking part. I don’t have to wait for long though.

Amber: Hi you 🙂 R u sure? How about wine?

Me: Got it covered. Just bring you 😉

Amber: I can do that. Staying cool?

Me: YES! Thank you so much

I debate whether or not to flirt. What the hell, go for it. ‘It is just text messages, right?‘ I try to convince myself.

Me: It feels soo good. I could kiss you

There goes nothing. I only hope I did not freak her out or something.

Amber: Good lol go ahead I won’t stop you 😉

Great, I am relieved. I know now that we are on the same page.

Me: is that a promise?

Seems like the text version of me is much more forward that the live version. I am only nervous about backing up my talk now.

Amber: yep. u know I keep my promises…

Me: I am counting on it 🙂

I hope she has a good comeback because I have run out of flirty text ideas.

Amber: 🙂 see you tomorrow

Me: have a good night

Amber: nite nite red 😉

I hope the anticipation of tomorrow does not keep me up tonight. I must get some rest so I look good for tomorrow. I think about kissing the caramel beauty and decide to have a repeat of last night. That will definitely help me get to sleep.



I wake with a smile on my face. I slept like a baby in my cool condo. Amber’s vibrant smile infiltrates my mind immediately. I cannot wait to see her. I make a mental note of all the things I have to do before she arrives. I have planned to make a lunch to show off my culinary skills. A wedge salad, stuffed chicken breasts, sautéed asparagus with mushrooms, and handmade garlic mashed potatoes. A nice Riesling will accompany the meal perfectly.


After a few hours of cooking and decorating in anticipation of Amber’s arrival, I get dressed; a fitting blue sundress showing just the right amount of cleavage. It is not too short and not too long, showing off my toned calves. I slip on brown wedge dress sandals. Small diamond stud earrings and a blue heart pendant necklace complete my outfit. I put large curls in my long ginger hair.

Finally, the doorbell rings. ‘I have a doorbell,’ I think to myself. Ah, another one of Amber’s fixes. I quickly go to open the door. The most mesmerizing bright brown eyes meet mine immediately. Those luscious lips smile playfully at me. That soft, feminine voice gently says, “hi”. In that moment I feel absolute joy. The mere sight of her ignites excitement and paralysis in me at the same time. I cannot speak. I cannot move. I cannot think. I can only bask in her presence. Soak in the rays from those jewels. Bathe in the warmth from her smile. Drown in the sultry resonance of her voice.

Breathe’, I have to remind myself. I inhale deeply and manage to smile back, “hi”. I step back. “Come in”. I check her out as she enters. Her hair is braided back out of her face and flowing down over her shoulders. She has on black pants and a fitted button down shirt that is purple with black strips down the middle. She drops her Falcons bag by the door, as usual. I pick it up and hang it on the coat rack that I just unpacked and placed by the door.

“There is a place for that now,” I explain.

She smiles warmly. “It looks nice in here. It’s really coming together.”

“Thanks,” I reply, “I did a lot of unpacking yesterday after you left.” I lead us into the dining room.

“I can tell. It smells great too, by the way.”


I pull out a chair from the small round dining table. “Lunch will be served shortly.” I do a little nod for her to come to me. “Sit”. She obeys. I get a whiff of her scent; aromatic and fruity but subtle. Noticeable only in close proximity.

“If you insist,” Amber laughs as she sits. “What’s on the menu?”

“We will start our three-course meal with a wedge salad,” I explain before disappearing to the kitchen. I return with two small plates and sit across from Amber at the table. She smiles and begins to eat. I am way too nervous to eat, so I just watch her.

“Mmm, it’s tasty,” Amber says as she pauses to drink some water. “Are you not eating?”

“I’m not really hungry right now but I am glad that you are enjoying.” I shoot her a wink. Wow, I surprised myself. Amber too because she blushes and shyly looks down at her empty plate. I get up and head to the kitchen for the main course when Amber gently grabs my arm as I pass her. I turn to meet her eyes. I unconsciously bite my bottom lip, excited by her touch.

“You look great in that dress. Blue is my favorite color, by the way,” she confesses while still holding my arm, with an intense piercing stare. Oh no, I am stuck, speechless once again. She stands slowly, methodically squaring her body just inches away from mine. Her eyes never distract from mine. Now, I am breathless in anticipation of her next move. My mouth hangs open. My heart is racing. She licks her lips before continuing.

“Why have you gone through all of this trouble for me? Why am I here, red?”

All boldness has long fled my body. I am reduced to a puddle of weak nerves. The intoxicating scent of her perfume filling my nose is not helping either. “I um,” I mumble before shaking some sense, or at least some vocalism, into myself. “I told you – to return the favor for breakfast”. I lie horribly.

“Okay, so a home cooked three-course meal in return for a couple of bagels,” she reads me like a book. “Yeah, right. What’s up?” She has this authoritative tone but tilts her head, lowering her eyes, and gives me this seductive gaze.

I very well may melt. I shuffle nervously, laugh, and wave my hand as if swatting away the truth. “Yes, really,” I insists.

She raises an eyebrow then surprisingly grabs my other arm, holding me in place. “Hey,” her voice softens, “talk to me”.

How do I even begin to explain my feelings. Feelings that I cannot understand myself because I am not sure of them. Attraction? Infatuation? Lust? A crush? Every time I open my mouth, nothing comes out. How is it so hard to convey feelings that are so strong? There is like a gravitation pull to her that is hard to fight. Frustrated, I turn and start to escape to the kitchen.

Why continue to fight it,’ I think to myself then stop short of the kitchen door. I turn back around. ‘Don’t fight it any longer then,’ I convince myself. I slowly walk back to Amber. She is speaking, but I don’t hear anything. The only thing that I can focus on is her luscious lips, as I conquer my nerves. By the time I get within inches of her, she stops talking. I gently caress her face with my right hand. As my face inches close to hers, I stare boldly into her beautiful eyes, which are filled with surprise and anticipation. Head tilted, my lips finally connect with hers. A slow moan escapes me. We hold in this position for a moment before our lips begin to explore each other. Amber pulls my bottom lip into her mouth and bites, then sucks, gently. Another moan slips out. She grabs my hips with both hands and pulls me closer. My modest breasts are pressed against her C cups. I feel this arousing excitement ignite deep inside. She releases my bottom lip and I slip my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues dance, passionately, slow and sensual.

The deep exciting arousal releases a flood of juices, dampening my panties. Her arms wrap around my back and I wrap my arms around her neck. My hips gyrate against her body. I let out another slow, sultry moan. Amber follows, letting out her own gentle moan which turns me on even more. My knees feel weak. I swear that her arms tightly around my waist are the only thing holding me up. She slowly nudges me backwards, pinning me up against the wall. Our lips never separate. My gyrating hips are met by hers in a sensual rhythmic dance; back and forth. I obediently follow her lead.

I feel her pace slow down. Passionate French kissing slowly turns to soft pecks. I open my eyes as Amber peels her lips from mine and leans back, slightly. She searches my face for a moment. Still excited, I am sure she only finds lust. “Are you okay,” she finally asks.

Her concern is endearing. All I can do is smile at her. “I’ll take that as a yes, then,” Amber replies then smiles back.

I plant a soft peck on her lips. “I am more than okay. I have wanted to do that since the very first day that I saw you,” I finally confess.

“Oh really,” she laughs, devilishly and squeezes my waist. “What took you so long?”

“I had to build my nerves up.”

“It only took you three days?”

“Whatever,” I playfully bite at her nose. “Are you okay?”

“Definitely, babe” her mood switches back from concerned to seductive. “I have wanted you to do that for the last three days.”

“Oh really? Why didn’t you make the first move, then?”

“I had to be sure that it is what you wanted to do, first.” She playfully bites at my chin. “I had to be completely sure.”

“What else do you want me to do?” I put a hand in her hair then pull gently.

“Show me what’s under this blue dress.”

I find myself biting my bottom lip, again, excitement rising back up. I tug at her hair more. Amber leans her head back, eyes closed and lets out a passionate moan. I kiss her exposed neck on the left side. Then I kiss down her neck on the right side. Her continued moans drive me crazy. Her hands squeeze my hips then begin to roam up and down exploring my body. Her hands on my body feel even better than I imagined the other night. She tastes better too.

I already feel link I might explode with anticipation. I nibble on her earlobe before whispering, “let’s take this to my bedroom.”

Her head pops back up, “are you sure?”

“Definitely, babe,” I mock her. Then I grab her left hand and lead her through the living room and down the hall to my bedroom. She follows, obediently. As soon as we enter, Amber wraps her right arm around my waist from the back, pulling my back side against her. She uses her left hand to shift my hair over to the left, exposing my neck. At first contact, her soft kisses feel like tickles. Then tickles turn to bolts of the most amazing electric, arousing, sensation coursing throughout my whole body.

My pussy throbs as I feel my panties get wetter. Her lips are magic. My knees get weak. I reach back and grab her hair, again. Then her soft kisses turn into nibbling and sucking. I did not think it possible but I am turned on even more. I want more. I want to feel her all over me. I pull away and turn to face Amber. She quickly pulls me back in and kisses me, deeply. I pull away again and push her down on to my bed. Surprised, she only sits and stares at me intensely. I slip out of my sandals. I slowly push the left strap of my dress off my shoulder. Then the right strap. The dress drops to the floor. I raise my brow to Amber, as if saying, ‘here you go’.

I am standing in nothing but my black bra and panties completely vulnerable. I am too turned on to feel embarrassment, though. I only look to Amber’s face for the next move. Amber licks her lips as she longingly appraises me from top to bottom. Her lust filled eyes eventually make their way back to mine. She motions with a finger for me to “come here”. I comply, positioning myself between her legs as she sits on the edge of my bed. Her fingertips land on the outsides of my lower thighs, right above my knees. They gently venture up; past my upper thighs; past my hips; to my waist.

My body is coursing with electricity and unbelievable sexual energy. Her hands slide to my back and unfasten my bra. Next thing I know, her warm mouth is engulfing my left nipple. I moan, slowly, passionately. My hands grasp her hair. She moves to the other nipple. Her tongue sucks and flicks it sending a shiver up my exposed body. She moves down to my stomach, flooding it with soft kisses. She lightly pulls my soaking wet panties down to the floor. I am so wet that my scent emanates in the air.

“Mmm you’re so wet. Is all that for me,” she asks.

I am so stuck, caught up in anticipation that all I can do is node yes. She does some sort of flip move to where I end up laying on my back on the bed with her on top of me. I giggle a little, and then quickly cover my mouth with my hands. Amber laughs back and shoots me a wink. She unbuttons her shirt then tosses it aside. She has on a black tank top, again. When she starts to yank it off, I stop her. I slowly and deliberately push it up her torso, as if unwrapping a delicate present. I finally pull it all the way off to discover the gift of her abs. I marvel at her gorgeous shape as I run my hands up and down her stomach. She quickly loses her pants. She, too, has on matching black bra and panties.

She is breathtaking. Deep and brilliant brown eyes. Perfectly sculptured body. Glowing flawless brown skin. A bright smile that makes me melt. I watch her, in complete awe. She kisses me softly from lips to belly button. I effortlessly spread my legs, letting her slide between them. She continues her trail of kisses. Two fingers drown in my wetness as she parts my lips. Her touch drives me crazy. My breathing is fast and heavy. My hips are squirming in anticipation of her touching me, tasting me. A warm, moist tongue slivers up, then down slowly over my clit. A loud moan escapes me. My back arches so high that I feel like I am floating. She continues with slow strides; up, down, up, down. My pelvis moves in sync with her strides. It is like we are dancing our own sensual Tango, her tongue in the lead; my body following.

Just as I have mastered her moves, she speeds up the pace. Faster flicks flood my clit over and over and over. Moans become random syllables of ‘oohh’s‘ and ‘aahh’s‘. As my body starts to shake, I scream out “don’t stop”. When bursts of light flash before my eyes, I yell “oh my God”. Both hands squeeze my sheets. As I cum, my final falsetto, closing cry, out-bursting ode to this magnificent performance is “oooohhh Aaamber!”


I simply lay there, completely satisfied and honestly, surprised at what Amber has just done to me. Oh no, did I really scream her name? I am surprised by myself too! I just had the most amazing orgasm from a woman whom I barely know. Screaming her name is the least of my issues here. I just lay there with my hands over my face, trying to compose myself. I feel Amber moving on the bed. ‘Get yourself together,’ I tell myself. I have a hot woman in my bed who probably needs, no deserves, the same attention that I just received. I am many things but selfish is not one of them.

I finally sit up, “Amber that was incredible.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” she replies in a dry tone then begins searching for her clothes.

“Hey,” I cry out, “what are you doing. Are you leaving?”

“Should I stay?” She has found her pants but fiddles as she hesitates to put them on.

“What,” I proclaim, “of course”. I quickly get up and meet her. Tilting her head up to look into her eyes. I plead, “I want you to stay. Please?”

“Was this your first time with a woman?”

I grab both of her hands, making her drop her pants. “Yes, this is my first time. What’s wrong?”

“Figured you’re just experimenting. Now you’re done with me so I’m leaving.”

“What,” I laugh a little, “that is not…”

Amber yanks free from me, grabs her pants, and turns to pull them up. I must have said something wrong. “Wait,” I plead.

She pauses. Her pants are on but not fastened. She never found her shirt so her toned shoulders are still exposed. I can’t resist touching, caressing them. I take a deep breathe.

“I think you are absolutely gorgeous,” I begin. My hands move down her back. “Your body is like a sculptured piece of art.” I kiss across her shoulder blades. “You have the prettiest brown eyes that I have ever seen.” My hands reach around to her stomach. I lay soft kisses on her neck. “Do not get me started with these ridiculous abs. My God, Amber, you turn me on so much.” My hand slides down into her panties. “Your touch,” I pause to soak up her moans as my hand rubs her sweet spot. I continue, “your touch and your kisses drive me crazy.”

My fingers dive into her wetness then we both moan. I have never done this to another woman, but I figure it is the same as doing it to myself. I softly whisper into her ear, “there is no other place I want to be than here, with you…touching you…feeling you…fucking…”

I let my fingers finish my sentence. I stroke her heavenly center slowly. Her wetness amazes me. This gorgeous woman is wet for me; turned on by me; will cum by me. I suck on her neck as I submit to this need to feel every part of her. I never thought someone else’s excitement could turn be on so much. I feel my own juices flowing, again. Her moans send a direct signal to my fingers to stroke faster and faster. I begin a mad dash to get her to finish – to cum as I did. Her head tilts back. My other arm is still wrapped around her – my hand clinching her stomach like a life saver. As if I let go, she will float away. I lightly nibble on her earlobe. Her hand finds my head and lightly fumbles through my curls. My God, that even turns me on, producing more moans that are only echoed by Amber’s.

I release an earlobe and whisper, “you-are-so-sexy.” I barely get the “sexy” out when she explodes – her juices flow down my hand. As her body shakes and shivers, so does mine as we are practically glued together. I feel her body get heavier in my arms. I hold on to her dearly, supporting her post-cum weakness. I can’t help but feel proud, as if I have done this great thing or conquered this great feat.

She turns to face me, those brown jewels sparkling more than ever now. “Did you really mean those things you said,” she asks as she shyly looks down.

I cannot believe that in this incredible moment she is the insecure one. “Absolutely.” I tilt her head back up so her eyes meet mine. “I simply adore you, Amber”. I think we are both surprised by this. Her flirtatious grin creeps back. Her hands confidently find their way back to my waist. My arms naturally wrap themselves around her neck.

“I like you too, red,” she responds with that gorgeous smile. “That is why I got all sensitive, I guess”.

“Were you really going to run out of here on me?” I nip at her nose.

“Maybe,” she nips back at my nose. “I did not know what was going on with you. You were just laying there and I thought you regretted it.”

I laugh a little before confessing, “oh my goodness, Amber, you had just given me this great orgasm.” Embarrassed, I look away before continuing. “I was only enjoying the moment and actually feeling a little embarrassed because I yelled your name.”

“Yes, you did!”

“See, omg,” I respond. Amber only squeezes me a little and smiles, hard.

“That only means that I did something right,” she responds.

“Oh, you did everything right,” I commend, returning a bright smile.

She pulls me in tighter. We share this endearing, long hug followed by a short sweet kiss on the lips. “Now what,” she asks.

“How about we start by finishing lunch?”

“That sounds good,” Amber replies, “I worked up an appetite. Who knew a simple crush I had on you would have led to this.”

I simply smile at her, “yeah, who knew.”



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