Who is Kay Mitchell and why check out her blog? I am a writer, an artist, and an intellectual utilizing 36 years of life experience to excite and challenge your imagination. Let’s play!

Being an intellectual, I am usually in my head too much, so I have only completed and posted a few things. The first being a short story. The second is a short story series. I enjoy reading and find that I am most inspired or motivation to write when I read more often. So check out the things that I have read and share what you are reading now, here – Reading List. I am seriously considering doing a weekly writing challenge, you know, to keep things fresh! Please provide comments, questions or concerns. Feedback is always welcomed. There is more to come, I promise. Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!

Check out the Short Story – The Crush:

Sarah moves to a new city to start over after a divorce but finds herself wildly attracted to her electrician – a gorgeous woman. Will a simple crush turn into more?

Don’t forget to check out my short story series – The Story of CJ & Mya.

The story of CJ & Mya is a love story of two women living in different cities, who fall in love at first site and their trials and tribulations of trying to make it work because they have a love so deep it cannot keep them apart.


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