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Check out the few other things I have posted already. I have updated my reading list. I have been able to read a few things so check that out on my Reading List. I am posting a sample of what I am working on now, mostly so I will be held accountable for finishing it. It will be a thriller/suspense/action story involving werewolves and witches. The name is a work in progress. Here it is:


This is the story of how I die. Yes, the when, where, why and more importantly how. The how is vague, though. By the time it happens, the how will be the most important part. Why? Because clairvoyant witches are essentially impossible to kill. I am Vondella Voss, one of the last surviving witches of my kind. My family lineage dates back to the Levi’s, a family well known in Louisiana for witchcraft and speculation of voodoo. The voodoo is bogus, but we are very powerful witches. My sisters have different abilities than mine, though we all have the ability to harness the power of nature and all things found in nature. I can feel and sometimes see things that have not happened yet. That is how I am able to predict my death. Well, it is more like sense it.
I should start with the ‘why‘. It’s about a boy, of course. But not quite what you are thinking. His name is Lance Stephens, a lycanthrope, or shifter of the Linden pack. The Voss family have been protectors of the Linden pack for centuries. I grew up with his mother, Lana. We were best friends. Well, as must as the Linden elders would let a witch and a lycanthrope be friends. So, naturally when she had Lance, I became his protector. My official responsibilities did not begin until Lana and her husband, Nolan, died soon after Lance’s birth. Unfortunately, the Linden elders sent him away. He has been raised by humans ever since. Unbeknownst to the them, I have been watching Lance his whole life anyway. I made a promise to Lana not the silly rules of the Linden pack. I keep my promises.
I have had this bad feeling for the past few weeks, though. It is off timing because Lance is not due to turn twenty years old for a couple more weeks. His abilities will ignite full force then. The lycanthropes begin training to develop or turn in their teens. He has been in the human world so long, it has deterred his true form, fortunately for him and all those around him. But time is up and he will turn on the next full moon and he will need my help. Time for him to meet his dear aunt Von. But first, coffee.

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Sarah moves to a new city to start over after a divorce but finds herself wildly attracted to her electrician – a gorgeous woman. Will a simple crush turn into more?

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The story of CJ & Mya is a love story of two women living in different cities, who fall in love at first site and their trials and tribulations of trying to make it work because they have a love so deep it cannot keep them apart.


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