Welcome to my blog!

I’m back baby!

So, I have been mia for quite a while. There have been a lot of things going on in my life recently. Through it all, though, I have realized that I have missed writing. I need this creative outlet. I am determined to finish the projects that I have started. I created my first post on Writing Challenge. Check out the few  other things I have posted already. I have updated my reading list. I have been able to read a few things so check that out on my Reading List.

Check out the Short Story –  The Crush:


Sarah moves to a new city to start over after a divorce but finds herself wildly attracted to her electrician – a gorgeous woman. Will a simple crush turn into more?

 Don’t forget to check out my short story series – The Story of CJ & Mya.


The story of CJ & Mya is a love story of two women living in different cities, who fall in love at first site and their trials and tribulations of trying to make it work because they have a love so deep it cannot keep them apart.